In this post, we will be reviewing the Vol 2 of the Web Designer’s Idea Book. If you are ever in need of inspiration to create a new web site, this book thematically lists out over six hundred and fifty sites! The author Patrick McNeil has cataloged literally thousands of sites in his various publications.

Book Review: The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 2

In this second volume of the Web Designer’s Idea book you can expect to find the latest updates on the best sites on the Internet. The Internet is an ever changing design medium and this book helps you get a fresh and organized review of what is new on the net. The listed sites are carefully handpicked from a design point of view and further conveniently classified by site type, design element type, on styles and themes, type of structure and also structural elements themselves. This fresh edition also has a very useful chapter on the basics of design principles and how you can practically apply them on the Internet. Whether you are planning to have a brainstorming session with a colleague or trying to explain your design ideas to a fresh client, this book will help you to get a jump start in either case.

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Web design is still considered a fresh area as far as art is concerned. Many may not even look at it as a form of commercial art, yet! As this art form matures over time, we can expect to see emerging patterns of design which we will be able to categorize into different design styles and types; based on common elements of design, their themes and their applications.

You will easily find a few sites speaking of ‘the 25 best designs’, and such. Remember, the yard stick to judge a site and its effectiveness is nothing but the design style. In any case, this book is nothing but a printed version of such a site, much more voluminous and detailed. It gives you an idea of the best designs on the Internet today, so if you are a keen designer you will not just leave the book lying on your bookshelf unattended for months or years. You will need to use it as a quick reference for inspirational ideas whenever you seem to have reached a dead end with design ideas. Whether you are a beginner designer, or an experienced professional, we all need a few ideas every now and then; and this is exactly the void this book promises to fill in.

Patrick McNeil has conveniently categorized about seven hundred sites into broad categories based on types, purposes, styles, themes, design elements, structure and color. Whatever the level of your expertise is, you are sure to find some of your own personal sites somewhere in this book. McNeil also speaks in detail about where a category can point you, and why he has chosen the sites he has chosen as the best in that category. This is a very useful book for any designer. Highly recommended!

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