Nowadays, creating your own website is no longer a hassle thanks to the variety of website builders that allow you to take care of your current projects and not spend time on coding. What’s the best way for small design businesses to get started with their sites? Here’s a list of three website builders that get the job done and still leave designers time for their projects.

IM Creator


Effective and affordable, IM Creator is the ideal solution for small design businesses. IM Creator helps designers put their content out there quickly and efficiently. It’s more important for design business owners to focus their time and resources on marketing and branding, rather than on writing code for their clients’ websites and IM Creator makes it easy for them to put out a fully functional site in no time. The Drag & Drop menu, the pre-set templates and their IM Free which gives website owners access to free stock images are the features that stand out most for this website builder, but they are by no means the only ones.

IM Creator offers you the possibility to choose from a wide range of templates, fonts and photos. Whether you’re looking for a neat and clean design or for a daring, more colourful style, IM Creator caters for all tastes. You can now create fast HTML sites, without programming, design your site from scratch or choose a template done by a professional designer. Update and publish your content with a click, with hosting, domain and email included. Save your time and energy for the projects that are important for you and let IM Creator contribute to your business.




Is a good option for small design business who want to test everything out before committing to a specific website builder. You have complete access, within their free trial, to browse through their wide range of templates and switch between them at any time in order to provide your client with a variety of options.

Suitable for small design businesses, Squarespace makes adding your custom domain simple, and every annual account receives a free custom domain. Moreover, Squarespace uses the latest techniques like HTML, CSS and Javascript and a reliable cloud infrastructure that guarantees no downtime. As a web designer managing a small business, you can now forget about upgrades and other installations. The Style Editor also allows you to play around with fonts, colors and layouts to achieve the custom look you want.




Over 45,000 people join this cloud-based web builder platform daily.  Wix believes in making it simple for everyone to create a website and this is what makes it suitable for small businesses. Wix doesn’t require any coding skills from designers and makes sure they have their content live and their business online in minutes. Website creators can choose from hundreds of fully customizable HTML5 templates available which can be freely adjusted to create something completely original.

Wix makes it easy and fun for everyone to build up their site exactly the way they want it. They offer secure and reliable free hosting, promising to keep their customers worry free thanks to their CDN cloud technology. With the possibility of adding an e-shop to your website and 24/7 support with instant answers, Wix is a good choice for small business who will be able to focus on their product and services and not worry about code and programming.



Building your own website for a small business can seem difficult at first, but many website makers make it easier to advertise your brand and publish your content without coding or programming. While Squarespace and Wix certainly have their advantages, IM Creator has impressed us most thanks to its IM Free feature that gives you numerous free stock images for your website and due to its versatility. Last but not least, all the three website builders have elegant templates that can give an edge to your project.


Here are a couple of their awesome templates that you can use:

IM Creator









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