The FWA Review is an ongoing series of articles providing a snapshot of each year , The FWA Review will act as a history of cutting edge webdesign and a reminder of those future-thinking sites ,who have paved the way so far.

2007 was definitely a year of renewed innovation, As budgets and bandwidth have grown agin this year, so has the quality and creativity witnessed on the web

a simple idea executed perfectly made monoface a site you’d never forget

I Spy with my little eye>Avery creative campaign for an extremely worthy project which drew attention to the plight of children in the Netherlands

I want to see a ghost
A grat viral campgain which was also rather unnerving. Your cahnce to send your friends and foes some terror, Spanish styles

Nokia The PassengerA pioneering example of a first person driving game using actual video footage

Wild and Wacky and delicious visuals drag and drop navigation giving the site an added edge

Get the Glass
This site is worth “site of The Year” award , Amazing levels of production and attention to detail

Michelin A etter Way Forward
Silck 3D fly-bys and clever contant managment brought Michelin in to the cool web world

Benny The Brave
Simple Idea and almost had a back to the oldschool flash4 feel but with 2007 creativity

A Massive and diverse site with something for everyone, even if you are not planning a holiday

UniqlockPossibly the most addictive website of the year, you have been warned!

Education is EverywhereOutstanding colors combined for a world calss innovative educational site

Using a mini-world view, this site for Nokia Embraces the nonstop living theme Perfectly

Good Things Should Never End
Loaded with gorgeous graphics, animation and content. Scroll to your heart’s content


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