A new program has hit the shelves to compete with the likes of Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s name is Autodesk Graphic and it’s making some waves in the design community.

Graphic is made specifically for Mac OS X but can also run on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. In the words of Autodesk: “Graphic is a powerful full-featured design and illustration application, Create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art.”

This was originally named iDraw and rebranded in recent times. Capabilities have also been expanded to include much more support for general UI designers crafting websites and mobile applications.

Graphic Autodesk

The creators have even released a large tutorial library for those new to Graphic. This is the best way to learn how it works and get moving towards a professional workflow.

These tutorials can teach how to design custom buttons, switches, textures, and almost anything related to a digital interface.

To learn more visit the main page to see features, sample photos, and find a free trial download link.

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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