This time we’ll be looking at some absolutely amazing example of pixel art: the work of eBoy from Berlin, which is actually a group of artists that collaborate for their extraordinary pixel art projects: Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. We should start by discussing what pixel art represents: it is a special type of digital illustration, because it is  created using a raster graphics software and it actually means painstaking detail-work for every image- it must be edited at pixel level!

Amazingly Unbelievable Pixel Art of eBoy

This type of graphics is usually used in computer and video games, or mobile phone games. However, we are going to look at a group of artists who have managed to create extremely detailed compositions using pixel art and have deservedly broken into the fields of advertising or magazine illustrations as well. The works in this collection are first of all the result of a long and elaborate creation process. As you can see, their compositions can be printed on huge posters and billboards! It’s hard to imagine that all this was actually drawn all pixel level but that is the fact, actually.

Of course, the graphic designers also re-create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build their complex artwork. The artists were fascinated by the digital media and decided to make the most of it and they have surely managed! Their pixel illustrations are true works of art!

Moreover, eBoy managed to take the pixel art outside the computer screen by creating different other objects, like  painted skateboards, or shoes and printed T-shirts and even urban toys. They have even created some great pixel art animated spots, one of which you can watch here.

You really shouldn’t miss this amazing collection of extremely creative and inspiring artwork!


Advertising for clients such as Adidas, Coca Cola, Yahoo, Honda, Sony BMG and so on…

Advertising 01

Advertising 02

Advertising 03

Advertising 04

Advertising 05

Advertising 06

Advertising 07

Advertising 08

Advertising 09

Advertising 10

Advertising 11

Advertising 12

Advertising 13

Advertising 14


Tokyo Movable Wall and EBY T-shirts Summer

Collaborations 01

Collaborations 02


Covers, editorial pictures and so on for magazines like Los Angeles Times Magazine, Men’s Health and so on…

Editorial 01

Editorial 02

Editorial 03

Editorial 04

Editorial 05

Editorial 06

Editorial 07

Editorial 08

Editorial 09

Editorial 10

Editorial 11

Editorial 12


Digital Aesthetic, Communication, ZKM City and other events.

Pixorama 01

Pixorama 02

Pixorama 03


Pixel portraits for famous people.

Portraits 01

Portraits 02

Portraits 03

Portraits 04

Portraits 05

Portraits 06

Portraits 07


Kidrobot, blockbob, peecol and other urban toys.

Toys 01

Toys 02

Toys 03

Toys 04

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