Promotions have been used as marketing gimmicks for years even during the days before the popularity of the Internet. You could use promotional tactics to keep your existing customers from drifting to other designers, and also to lure in fresh customers from the market. We have put down a few promotional idea for your business, which we feel will help grow your design business.

9 Tips to Keep Your Clients Coming Back to You
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1. Price Discounts – Why not offer a discounted price on your services for a limited time period? This could be a great idea especially if you are setting up a new business. It may NOT be a great idea to do this if you are already an established designer.

2. Discounts on Multiple Purchases – You can offer this at any point of time in your career, not just as a fresher. Why not knock off a percentage of your fee if the client gives you three or more design projects at a time? This would also ensure regular larger incomes.

3. Sweepstakes – This involved your clients entering into a game of luck, where they are presented with a gift as a result of a lucky draw. Give them something that you feel clients in your business sphere would appreciate!

4. Contests – If you feel your clients would prefer a game of skill rather than chance, why not organize a contest? For example, if you have had a lot of photographer clients looking to have their own web sites, you could organize a photo contest and send them all an email invite.

5. Value Additions – This is nothing but a take away gift when a client places an order. The nature of the gifts, and the costs associated are entirely left up to you. Base it on the fee that you charge. A more expensive gift for clients who pay more!

6. Premiums – This could be a product that you give to your clients, bearing the logo of your company. It could be a set of ball point pens, a paper weight, a file folder, or any such useful accessory. A calendar is a great idea as well.

7. Coupons – Discount coupons are a great idea for customers. Not only do they lure in old and new customers, they also offer a great means of gauging the success of your promotional tactics. Any customer who walks in with a coupon is obviously a direct result of your promotional ideas!

8. Cross Selling and Up Selling – The objective here is to increase the mean transaction values of your clients by coaxing them to buy more than one service at a time.

9. Bonus and Multi-packs- Bonus packaging offers the client more products or services for the same costs as a smaller order.

The list above is by no means a complete and comprehensive guide to promotional ideas, but we do believe they will serve as a good reference point when you are out of ideas! All the best!

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