Good promotions and packaging is half the battle won, when you are selling off the shelf products. Read on to get a few ideas on how you can package your wares. Do use this article as a source of inspiration. You will find it covers most of what you can think of as requirements of an effective packaging promotion project.

8 Elements Often Ignored by Designers During Packaging Design Process
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You products should be able to literally sell themselves when a client sets eyes on them. For this, the product needs to be thoughtfully packaged with an emphasis on visual identity. Ask yourself why a client would pick up your product when it is placed next to dozens of similar packages on a supermarket aisle!

Features of a Good packaging Design

These, to name some of the key features of a good design include – a strong logo, thoughtfully used color schemes, a good print styling, proper technical features listed on the package, key points of difference (especially imported electrical products that could use a voltage difference), customer toll free numbers and such.


Why not use the package to promote a special offer if possible? You could give your clients a carrot to go after, especially if your product is new on the markets. Buy two for the price of three? Don’t forget to reclaim all products with this package design once the promotional period has ended!


This is probably what the customer wants at the end of the day. They want a good product. Do try and make your product the best on the market, and little other promotion would work as well as word of mouth once people appreciate the quality of the product. Give the customer everything that you promise to, or you could run the risk of making a rotten name on the markets!

Fresh packaging

If your product has been around for a few years, why not give it a fresh appeal by making a fresh package design? People can get so used to old designs that they just don’t have an impact any more! A fresh package with the same products can give a quick boost to your sales, literally overnight.

Manufacturing Requirements

If you are looking at fresh designs for the product packaging you need to keep these requirements in mind – material cost, construction costs, ease of packing, ease of storage, and ease of distribution.


This is again a tried and tested method to improve customer satisfaction – customer feedback! Get feedback through online and offline surveys, and implement the changes that your customers request.

Working with the client

Ask your client a clear idea of their target audience, the company’s core values, and what the brand promise to offer with the particular product in question.

Project Time

Timing is important with fresh package designs, especially if it is a seasonal promotion. You don’t want a Christmas design package being launched in February!

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