The process of marketing your company will come at the toll of creating services or products worth paying for. When you have enough customers who are willing to stick with your services, it becomes a lot easier to branch into similar competing areas. Entire market segments can be found just by tiptoeing into a new promotional strategy.

And by promoting your brand it will draw more attention for potential clients, who may share a recommendation via word of mouth, and the chain continues on down the line. But check out some of these resources to see if they could be helpful in promoting your own company branding.

1. Miller’s Lab

Millers Lab website layout dvd casings

The website for Miller’s Lab is very easy to use and intuitive to the naked eye. Their layout is just as fantastic as all of their printed products. You can put together customized photo frames, books, DVD cases, and anything related to digital media. This is a good idea because you will always have customers who are looking for new methods of storing old photos or videos.

2. Zazzle

zazzle sales marketing products promotional branding

Not everybody has heard of Zazzle or really even understands what they do. But the company provides a large number of printing services directly to all businesses, small or large. Their prices are extremely affordable and the catalog is huge. Ever wanted to customize your own company stamp or envelope? Zazzle is the perfect resource for this.

3. BlueCotton

custom bluecotton website printed merchandise

The people over at BlueCotton run a fantastic service for businesses. You have the option to customize a number of physical products like clothes, hats, bags, and office supplies. Their entire catalog of products is chock-full of enticing items. And the prices are extremely reasonable for newer small businesses.

Thus you may consider purchasing a large number of specialty items for marketing your company. The branding prints are easy to setup and you can even build designs using their own design studio tool. All of this can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home.

4. Poster Artwork

professional printing posters marketing jobs

I do not think that posters will always provide the same class and elegance as a real physical product. However print work is difficult to come by, and if you can design an amazing branding idea then it can really help your company. Marketing is not cheap and good-looking posters are not easy to make without professional help.

Check out Short Run Posters if you want to use an online service with really great turnaround time. I have been impressed after reading reviews and checking out some of their past works. There are similar alternatives you can check out and see how they stand. But SRP is a notable website with a long-standing client list.

5. Smartphone Cases

custom smartphone case designs sales products

Any particularly advanced technology company probably has employees using smartphones. The majority of sales have been towards iOS devices, but Android is also a solution which together makes up roughly the entire market, not including WMP and Blackberry users.

But designing your own smartphone case is a really neat idea. It provides a solid branding concept which is easily recognizable, and your phone is always around or out where people may catch a glimpse at the design. A really nice online vendor is Tiny Prints which specializes in similar printed products. Their e-commerce layout is very easy to use and their products are certainly of the highest caliber.

6. Alternate Merch

Etsy sales website products customized 2013 layout

Aside from just print work you may consider ideas around clothing, outer attire, banners, and similar themes. The classic user-to-user retailer Etsy provides an intriguing solution. You can browse through a number of online shops just like eBay, except these users are selling their handmade goods. It isn’t just products and auctions from around the world. And you may be sincerely blown away at the items you can find within their inventory.


I know this is not an exhaustive list but I do hope to bring in some attention. Physical products are a surefire way to bring attention to your company and bridge the gap between digital users and real customers. I wouldn’t recommend trying all of these services together but look into a few of the most intriguing websites. You may be surprised at the power of physical marketing.

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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