Here I’ve composed a list design resource most of the designers use, the main focus and purpose of his list is to help you to improve your design skill, Knowledge is worth sharing and most of the these site will give you a in-depth information, knowledge, inspiration, resource and more about design,

I hope you will enjoy these great sites, I’m sure if you are a beginner designers following these site regularly will make you pro designer in no time

Site To Check For Quality Tutorials

1. PSD Tuts

2. Tutorial9

3. Pixel2life

4. Vector Tuts

5. PS Hero

6. PSD Fan

7. Good Tutorials

8. Photoshop Lady

9. Vectips

10. Veerl’s Blog

11. N Design Studio

12. Spoon Graphics

13. Go Media Zine

14. PSD Vault

15. HV Designs

16. Tutorial Dog

17. Tutzor

18. Photoshop Star

19. Photoshop Support

20. PSD RockStar

Design Forums To Join

1. Designers Talk

2. Graphic design forum

3. Sitepoint

4. Pixel2life Forum

5. Digital Point Forum

Community To Check

1. DepthCore

2. Behance Network

3. Humble Voice

4. Deviant Art

5. Carbonmade

Design Blogs To Follow

1. Smashing magazine

2. Design Melt Down

3. A list Apart

4. Noupe

5. Vandleay Design

6. Design Mag

7. Just Creative Design

8. David Dairey

9. Specky boy

10. Abduzeedo

11. WebDesgin Ledger

12. UX Booth

13. I Love Typography

14. Web Designer Wall

15. Bitbox

16. Designer Daily

17. Six Revisions

18. Web Designer Depot

19. 1st Web Designer

20. Fuel your Creativity

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