Google’s newest Lollipop operating system has spurred material design into the limelight, along with so many other great features. Android has grown into a serious competitor in the mobile smartphone operating system marketplace. Both features and design styles have exceeded most people’s expectations – and it appears Google is far from slowing down.

If you’re interested to start designing Android applications it will first help to study what others have created. Take a look over these design examples featuring Android app interfaces. All newer mobile apps follow along with the material design specification which makes crafting an interface 10x easier than ever before. And with these examples by your side the design process should be even easier.


beatport android app dark ui iphone

Wynk Music Concept

wynk music app design ui

Dropbox for Android

dropbox android material design concept

Material Design Rebound

android app dribbble rebound material


blue stats app android ibillionaire design


mobseer feed mobile app ui

Orange Android Checkout

orange android checkout app ui design

Your Credits

app credits screen ui mobile design


flat android ui workangel

Running & Tracking App

running tracking app ui design

VK Photo App

mobile vk android photo ui

Eager Beaver

eager beaver mobile app ui

Search as you Type

search as you type autosuggest

Lingerie Shop

lingerie shop android material design

Credit Card Fields

dark credit card fields app ui

Animated Booking Form

animated booking form app ui design

Google Hangouts App

google hangouts android app ui

Android Music App UI

flat material design music app

Sliding Inbox

inbox android sliding menu ui

Android Health App

android health app dashboard mobile

Persist Volume Control

mobile app persist volume control ui Client

russian vk social network app

Cashflow App

android cashflow ui material design

Instagram App UI

mobile app instagram ui concept

First Attempt Material

first material design app android

Focus Coach

focus coach android app ui design

Hello App

dark android simple messaging chat app

Pink Material

google android material design ui

Material Calendar

material android app calendar ui

Food Cooking App

android cooking app ui mobile

Simple Music Player

simple clean music player android

Android Real Estate

real estate android app ui

White Account Menu

white sliding navigation menu mobile


sporticor android app ui mobile

Babble for Android

babble for android red ui

Lollipop UI

android lollipop app ui design

LeKiosk Android App

lekiosk android app ui design

Housing Material App

android housing market material app ui

Android Locker App

android lollipop design app mobile

News Reader

news reader mobile app ui design

SoundCloud Redesign

soundcloud mobile app material ui

Tablet Payment

tablet payment app mobile ui

Hall for Android

hall app for android mobile

Looksery Share Screen

sharing screen app ui looksery

LinkedIn User Profile

linkedin user profile mobile app ui


drive android mobile app


your taxi iphone app ui mobile

Luggage by Google

google mobile app ui design

Music Player

android mobile player ui app

Dark Calendar

dark calendar android app ui

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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