It is important for any one to have a well designed resume, and understandable even more important for a person applying for a designer’s position. This is an opportunity for you to display your design skills without even having to meet the employer – why not let your resume speak volumes on your graphic and presentation skills? Most designers have above average quality resumes, so if yours is just about average in design quality, you can imagine where it would stand!

5 Resume Tips For Graphic & Web Designers
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An employer would be looking at all areas of design, and he or she would probably have a great eye for detail and would be looking to hire someone who is able to display similar qualities. Read on to get five great tips on improving your resume.

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1. Be As Different As Possible

A designer is supposed to be as creative as possible at all times. It is a terrible idea to use a font like Times New Roman, which would tell the employer that you just cannot think out of the box. Instead, use an unconventional font such as Frutiger, to get noticed as much as possible, and to stand out of the crowd of resumes on a manager’s desk! You don’t have to go as far as to use colored paper, but go out there and make an impression with simple and effective ideas.

2. Make the CV Unforgettable!

This could be as simple as putting your name in on very large text right on top of the CV. Imagine a manager going through dozens of CVs. What is it about your name that stands out? The font? The size of the font? The color that you use to display your name?

3. State Details in Order of Importance

Usually this would mean you put in your work experience right at the top of your CV. Whatever is the MOST impressive, put THAT first on your CV. If you are applying for your first job, get some experience first! This could simply mean you do a free design for a friend’s site, or better still for a social welfare organization.

4. Contact Information is NOT as Important

People don’t want your phone number right away. Give them some details about what you can do first! Once they are impressed with your skill set, believe me, they will find your number even if it is in fine print on a corner of a page!

5. Put in ALL Relevant Skills

There are times in life when one needs to be modest. When you are working on a new resume, it is NOT one of those times. YOU need to speak of all relevant skills on your CV to impress the employer.

A resume is the FIRST impression you will make on a potential employer, and if it is not up to the mark, you cannot expect too many interview calls, can you? We hope you use this article as a quick reference when you need to work on a fresh CV.

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