Nowadays, having a website isn’t anything too strange or complicated. There are kids that manage own blogs, build and launch online applications etc. These facts determine anybody not very passionate about web design to consider that a website is very simple to create. Other people believe that the web designers somehow profit by clients because even they, not very interested in web design, by reading some articles of a blog, would be able to design and even launch one. The reality is still very different, a website isn’t by far such an easy task to do. The misunderstanding is determined by a fine interpretation: a website is pretty simple to launch, but a beautiful and profitable one is challenging and very few manage to build only successful creations. It’s demanding to built wonderful websites and it requires tons of hours to design the layout, trying to imitate the behavior of the potential visitors, bringing some original ideas etc. but it’s amazingly simple to bring it instantly to failure. It’s a common conception that people learn faster by making mistakes and contemplating upon them; the wise one does well by studying other’s issues. Thus, I present you five “possibilities” to bring your website to failure. It’s better to be aware of these without putting them into practice.

1. Unfair treatment of the visitors


If you want to ruin your website, no matter how cool is the information you have or how many visitors it gets, then ask rudely for subscribing or demanding the email address. If the entire process lasts enough to annoy the visitors then don’t ask yourself about the reason of having no visitors. In spite of that, asking for email address is very common and some websites didn’t suffer traffic losses… the manner in which you ask it is capital. Here, it is mostly about psychology and social intelligence and not web design. Under this paragraph may be added the flash banners that simply run away the visitors, the countless requests to participate to a poll where everyone wins a new iPad and other obtrusive messages. Once again, all these are used even on the most visited websites. It is vital to do these in a discreet, transparent manner, without getting boring.

2. A poor design

Willingly or not, a poor design is still a crucial matter for any website. A good design is quickly associated with quality and interesting content. It’s incorrect or immoral, but it is the behavior of the Internet users. Besides that, a poor design means that the information isn’t accessible and another feature of Internet users is the lack of patience. An old-fashioned layout, no matter if it was cool few years ago, is another source of running away of the visitors. The web evolves and any website must suffer some changes or a complete redesign across time.

3. Encountering troubles when visiting the website via mobile devices


A new revolution seems to come in the way of making websites, people access more and more the websites via mobile devices. The expression “responsive design” is the base of building websites that should be rendered also on various mobile devices. Due to the small varying displays, the entire construction of a website must be reconsidered. The structures are simplistic, any additional item doesn’t let the viewer access the information desired. Anyway, it is difficult to create a quality mobile version website but it’s mandatory. If you want to lose your visitors, then don’t make a mobile version of your website.

4. Content is not updated

Another very unpleasant aspect of a website is not to have the content updated. The spiders of the search engines and common readers will always appreciate the fresh content, therefore don’t waste time and take care of your website. More pragmatically: everything that is not updated isn’t visited.

5. The lack of monitoring

Even if this is the last point of the post, definitely it is the most important. Every website, no matter if it’s Facebook or a common personal blog will have small issues related to the uptime, rendering, uploading time etc. These are normal, it’s aberrant to think that your website is perfect. A wise website owner knows this fact and establishes a strategy in case that his online presence is suffering various issues. The first step is to select a company that provides monitoring services, you have huge number of free website & server monitoring services out there. This choosing may prove to be the most important factor into the equation of the success so I really recommend selecting it very carefully. Many people that decide to monitor their website/websites don’t want to invest in these kind of services and prefer free versions; there is no wrong in this. Personally, I tried the services of such a monitoring company and I am very content with them. The features of the services offered can’t be neglected. It’s capital for a company that monitor websites and servers to announce instantly any downtime. For example, this company e-mails me immediately when any problem appears. They also use the methods of SMSs. I gave them my phone number therefore, if I am not at my desk I will receive the notification via telephone. Much more, I may add other friends to the emailing/notifying via SMS.


Having more than 50 different checks convinced me that it is impossible not to detect any problem. Pay attention to this aspect, it’s frustrating to monitor a website but not to discover that it was down for some hours. The technical aspects aren’t liked by everyone and it requires some acknowledgement in the field but, in order to make the best choosing you may read other people opinions or search for reviews. I chose the respective company being impressed by the testimonials and reviews. Briefly, take care of your website. It’s so frustrating to work hard and by making a poor decision to ruin your endeavors. Start taking care of your online presence with the best tools and chose wisely the monitoring company.

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