Previously, we discussed about 7 Essential Design Elements of a Blog. In this post will help you to identify the most important components of a blog. These features, we believe are what make any blog a really special blog! These features we believe are what make readers keep returning to a blog.

5 Most Important Elements of a Successful Blog

So, if you are new to blogging, you are reading the right article to get tips on how you can take things further.

1. Plugins

These are a life line as far as blogs are concerned. They are literally the blood flowing through the veins of a blog, if you can equate it with life lines. They alow you to not only reach the widget targets, but also your SEO targets, incorporate social media buttons and also get blog statistics. In the absence of plug-ins you would find it really hard to have any control over the goings-on of your blog.

2. Theme

A theme is another deciding factor on the entire constitution of your blog. They deliver the face to your readers, and contribute to the acceptance of fresh subscribers. A great theme could be a deciding factor contributing to the success of a blog, and a bad theme can very well have the reverse effects. A theme has to be visually appealing, you need to have a good amount of blank space if the log is content heavy and you need to have a good balance between design and content to have this effect.

3. Content

In today’s world, CONTENT is everything! Badly written can be suicidal for a blog even if you get the them right, with the best SEO plug-ins. ANY content on your site needs to be extremely well written and well presented. Gone are the days when article-spinning could actually get you by! The average Internet user of today is very well equipped to differentiate between a computer generated article and an article written out of true expert knowledge. You just cant fool around!

4. Value-Added Features

This is another crucial aspect of blogging. Some bloggers offer word-press service and such others. These are not negligible today since they allow you the blog owner to cement a solid revenue model into your blog, not a part of obvious revenue models that you may have already thought of while planning the site. The nature of value-added services could directly depend on what your own strong point is! If you are good at coding, you could offer tips on editing themes. If you think you are a good free-lancer, you could give tips on content writing services!

5. Blogger Reputation

There is nothing more important to a blog than the reputation of the blogger! This is what end users want. You could build your reputation by posting tips on other blogs along with URLs to your own blog, by posting on social media networks, or simply by being part of various forums.

At the end of the day, the most important tip we can give is – give QUALITY content to the subscribers.

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