Learning and mastering the fundamentals of art can take years of practice. Traditional painting is one of the most creative fields which has lead the way to digital painting. No need to buy supplies or setup an easel – just plug in your tablet and start Photoshop to get the party started. It’s a unique method of painting that offers easy access to anyone.

In this gallery I’ve collected 44 outstanding examples of digital landscape environment paintings. Most of these are 2d paintings while some also include various 3D aspects. But the majority of these projects were completed solely in Photoshop with hours(if not days) of work. Take a peek at these examples to understand the sheer genius and creativity required to make a digital painting.

Chinese Winter

dark winter landscape spooky raphael lacoste

Network System

network system city scifi james patrick

Nest Ground

bird nesting ground dark gloomy james patrick


daylight passage environment thierry doizon


ruins jungle environment sergey skachkov


environment scifi artwork painting cityscape tim warnock

Ancient Stone

ancient stone environment rock landscape natalia babiy

Tuscany Dawn

tuscany dawn nature environment bjorn wirtz

The Way Back

asian village concept painting bjorn wirtz

Village Steampunk

village environment steampunk design sergey skachkov

Gustav Eiffel

legacy france eiffel tower environment michael raaflaub

Water Village

china water village environment marcel baumann

Entrance to Heka

entrance to heka environment fahrija velic

Golden Corn

golden corn ship environment sergey skachkov


pilgramage to ancient hall environment cm wong artist

Mech Wars

mech robot wars environment james paick

World Of Lava

world of lava photoshop environment orionix


temple michal kotek artist painter environment

Chaos Melody

chaos melody dark town cityscape sergey skachkov

Urbusa City

urbusa city concept painting peter ang


jellyfish photoshop underwater environment gil rimmer

The Deep Dive

deep dive underwater ruins flashlight jeff haynie


clock tower interior room concept environment tomas muller

Architectural Hobbyist

architectural hobbyist painting mike corriero artwork

Moody Townscape

moody dark purple environment townscape

Soul Valley

city in soul valley photoshop myeongsuk kang

What Robots Dream

robot dream desert environment landscape mike manalac

The City of Lights

the city of lights environment futuristic city

Hell’s Goblet

hell goblet environment dark lava painting

The Silent Guards

silent guards of tectloh environment reto kaul

Trials of Devotion

trials of devotion winter snow landscape noah bradley

Elements 2666 AD

dark city futuristic apocalyptic environment tuomas korpi

Sacred Waterfall

sacred waterfall pavilion environment james wolf strehle

Cloud City Ruins

ruined cloud city painting environment james wolf strehle

Swiss Cave

swiss cave environment james wolf strehle

Canyon Secret

canyon temple environment painting james wolf strehle


darkwatch environment war digital art cameron gardner

Passing the Market

walking marketplace environment desert chi chun lu


retropolis environment city cityscape szymon urban

Project 2017

project 2017 slum ghetto michael raaflaub

Under the Bridge

under the bridge photoshop environment river mike manalac

The End of Sorrow

the end of sorrow heaven environment noah bradley

Blind Faith

volcano village fire temple environment noah bradley

Bad Side

bad side of city skyscraper environment james wolf strehle

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Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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