Apple has built a cult of personality behind their destiny-bound branding. The Mac has grown into a booming business for graphic designers and many talented digital artists. In modern times it’s never been easier to learn digital imaging software and the Mac OSX makes the process that much simpler.

To go along with all you Apple fans I’ve gathered a brief gallery of Apple themed desktop wallpapers. Most are found at 1024×768 resolution with some coming at larger sizes from alternative sources (ex. DeviantArt). There are many differing styles of artwork which demonstrate just how powerful the Apple branding has become.

If you know of similar galleries or great artistic works please share them in the comments below. For one hefty collection of Apple inspired wallpapers it doesn’t hurt to include some additional resources.

Apple Chromatic

Apple Desktop Shot


Mac Colors

Futuristic Apple Wallpaper

Lucky Apple

Apple Metal

Apple in the Spotlight


Dark Fractals

Life Force

100% Apple


Mac Face

Grunge Stripes

Green and White

The Burning Mac


Exagon Rainbow

Apple Invasion

Deep Orange

Hi-tech Brushed

Think Different

Falling CMYK

Alternate Stripes

Grunge Paint

Back to School

Great Rising Sun

True Love

Green Stripes

Think Halloween

Aqua Logo

The Apple Store

Crumpled Paper

WinXP Refined



Dimensions and Shadows

Paint Spots

Retro Sun Rainbow

Spraypaint Treatment

Green Thinking

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

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