Urban street artwork is often ignored as a serious style of creativity. However you would be surprised the amount of skill required to construct such abstract creations within the confines of any cityscape. Not to mention the gruesome legal risks posed in these activities.

Below is my insane collection of 41 creative new-age spray tags and artwork found in major cities all around the world. Urban youth has built this trend over decades and the ball continues rolling to this day. There are some convoluted techniques required to pull off this style of expression. But fortunately this gallery should quench the thirst of any curious artists!

Bristol, UK Street Art

Urban Fragments

Melbourne Urban Graffiti


Gangsta Spongebob

Minnesota Street Art

Urban Hardware

Adventure Time + Tupac

Chicago Adventure Time

Jake the Dog traincar

Peter in Los Angeles

CityLeaks Urban Art Festival

Urban Monkeys

Spacewars 3000: Fry and Bender

Three-eyed Mutant Fish

Marge Simpson

Wiggum in the Subway

NYC Brooklyn Cereal Killers

Sweet Count Chocula


Retro Arts

Art not War

Venice Beach at Los Angeles

Juice Graffiti

Atlanta House Spraytag

Custom Monsters

Graffiti Sucks

Dublin Garfield Cat

West Seattle Flame

Top Cat in Washington DC

United Kingdom Gangster

Max & Moritz

Scooby Doo in Manchester

Sau Paulo

Grand Theft Auto Tagged

Dexter’s Lab circa 2011

Mandark in South Philadelphia

Barack Obama in Chicago

The Smurfs

The Professor

St. Louis Flood Wall

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