So what’s the one platform that more than 40K professional designers from around the world have already created more than 100 websites with? The one that allows designers to enjoy complete creative freedom to focus on their client’s needs, the design and put aside the thought of coding?

It’s the leading B2B website creator that is shaking up the web design industry,  Webydo

In the past, designing was broken into two parts, first hire a design to take control of the creative side and then hand those images over to a developer to transform the images into a fully responsive and functional website.

Typically, the developer is thought to have the harder more tedious task of converting the code into a living and breathing entity. As we said, one platform, Webydo, puts the power in the hands of the designer by allowing them to focus entirely on the creative side while Webydo converts their projects into a VC3 validated code.



When a designer logs into the site and starts designing the website for her client, Webydo’s system will in the background generate a code automatically. When he is done designing, he can permit his client to log into the site and the client will then get access to the content management system and the entire code.

Webydo has been featured in many top notch publications like Forbes, BBC, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and The Next Web.

Let’s uncover and explore some of the professional features that Webydo has to offer.

Drag & Drop

Their drag and drop feature lets you create websites as easily as you can draw pictures on a canvas. This feature literally lets you drag elements and drop them anywhere on the page wherever you want them to appear. No coding required, so can adjust images, text, audio files, video, widgets, or articles & collections, literally any element you want to change



Professional Management

Webydo’s robust content management system (CMS) allows site owners to grant their users with a unique login in screen, and to set site permissions to these users. What this means is that when a client enters the site to edit, let’s say the ‘Articles & Collections’, they will not alter the design of the website. In addition to this option, site owners can completely white label their website, or rather ‘Build Their Brand’ by adding in their or their clients logo to the CMS presenting it in a more professional light. Another unique and premium feature is the ability to send invoices directly to clients, also branded, for services rendered. Yes, totally serious, and all of this in just one platform.



Cross Platform Code

In this day and age you just can’t ignore the millions of users who are browsing the net on their Androids, iPhones, iPads, or notebooks. Keeping that in mind, Webydo’s system has been designed to generate the code so you can create a responsive website that will work equally well on all kinds of platforms be it different devices or different browsers.

Publish Independently

When you complete the designing process of the site you can hit Publish and the website will indeed get published immediately on a sub-domain hosted by Webydo. Of course you or your client can later on shift it to a Premium plan with more web hosting space and your own domain name. But this temporary website will be nice for beta stage testing and sharing it with the client for feedback.

Once you and your client decide to upgrade your free account to one of the premium plans at a completely reasonable price of $7.90 per month, You’ll have the option to connect your own custom domain name, you can create as many pages as your heart desires, and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and you can have up to 2GB of data on your site.

Yes in addition to providing website creation services Webydo also offer website hosting and domain hosting services, plus premium, 24/7 customer support.


Webydo is designed by designers, for designers, and is consistently being improved by their dedicated community of creative professionals. In the Participate page of Webydo’s platform, designers are literally adding new features suggestions, voting and commenting on other suggestions already listed, and Webydo’s team are actually take these ideas and making them a reality for their community in real time.

Go and try out this Proessional platform and let me know what you think in the comments below. My inclination is that you won’t be disappointed.

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