A wedding invitation indirectly gives a clue about how the wedding function gonna be. Recent wedding invitations are at their best with unique forms and styles trying to stand out from crowd. Invitations are generally chosen to match personal preferences of a couple, the level of formality of the event, and any color scheme or theme planned.

In this showcase, we have included beautiful and stunning wedding invitations for inspiration.

1. Wedding invitation for couple that move a lot

This photo was taken on July 12, 2010.  by Crosti.


2. Case Study Wedding Invitation

Kanyessa and Liam’s invitation Scout Book was delivered to their guests wrapped in newspaper and twine.


3. Kiki Hibiscus Wedding Invitation

Originally designed with a giant hibiscus flower, KIKI’s large square letterpress invitation is a favorite for Hawaiian, Caribbean, beach and destination weddings. Swap out the hibiscus flower for a sweet dragonfly, a different flower, a monogram, or other motif to completely change the look, feel and tone of this design.


4. Wedding Invitation by Bone daddy studios


5. When Two Photographers plan a Wedding

As two passionate photographers we decided to try to turn our mutual obsession with photography into a theme.  Since both Trevor & I enjoy shooting film on the side for personal projects it seemed only natural that we integrate this somehow into our day_TREVOR.


6. Sequoia Invitation Suite

The kind folks at Gmund paper recently sent some samples of their freshest lines and one stock in particular jumped out at me — this amazing faux wood-grained paper! Talk about possibilities… With a little hand drawn type, a few vintage engravings, and a custom monogram “carved” into the paper, it feels just right for a heartfelt affair.


7. DIY Wedding Invitations

I spent weeks, maybe even months making our wedding invitations…but in the end, it was all worth it_Sam.This photo was taken on July 29, 2009.


8. Laser Cut Tree Wedding Invitation


9. Wedding Invitation by Peterbowen

This Wedding invitation was printed in the year 2009.


10. Costa Rica Wedding Invitation

I designed this invitation for an event that was inspired by stunning destinations around the world.  Costa Rica was one of the chosen destinations where the lush rainforest and the fun, vibrant patterns of the Costa Rican culture inspired the design.  For the invitation I created a hand stitched book with three layers of pattern, the middle layer being printed on vellum for added depth and interest_NICHOLE.


11. Wood land paper cut wedding invitations

I’m a long-time fan of the beautiful art of paper cutting, from greeting cards to artwork to ketubahs and marriage certificates.  So when artist Naomi Sheik sent over her collection of stunning woodland paper cut wedding invitations, well, let’s just say it was love at first sight_NAOMI.


12. DIY Wedding Invitation Wheel

We created these chipboard invitation wheels to give guests a creative way to get all their information in an heirloom keepsake format. They are made from two circles of untreated, recycled chipboard diecut and letter pressed to look like an old planting wheel with redwood rings on it_LAUREN VENELL.


13. Andrew & Aly’s Wedding Invitations

My brother and his fiancée asked me if I would design their wedding invitations as their wedding gift. The invitation and response card were letterpress printed by Mama’s Sauce and sent out in awesome homemade fabric envelopes_SETH NICKERSON.


14. Meeting Street Wedding Invitation

Meeting Street letterpress wedding invitation. Inspired by my own Charleston, South Carolina wedding.This photo was taken on September 1, 2009 using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


15. Wedding Invitation Designed For Friends

This photo was taken on May 9, 2011.


16. Susana & Nathan’s Wedding Invitations

Suite for Susana & Nathan’s wedding, including save the date postcards, invitations, maps, RSVP postcards, favor tags, programs.


17. Wedding Invitation by Surfender

wedding invitation for some friends who recently got married.I drew it on my Wacom tablet, it’s based on a Rasputina concert poster. hope you like it, the bride and groom sure did_Surfender.


18. Printable hot air balloon wedding invitation

This invitation is inspired by the beautiful mosaics at Finsbury Park tube station, London. A DIY printable design to complement your unique, stylish wedding without blowing your budget_DIY.


19. Ken And Emily wedding Invitation

Watercolor, ink, and rivets are the ingredients. Hand made customized invites which spin to reveal wedding info separated into categories.


20. Vintage Inspired Rock n’ Roll Wedding Invitations

This wedding invitations inspired by classic rock n’ roll, sent over by Molly from Paisley Quill.  The subtle floral background helps to soften the bold text, creating an overall feel that is both elegant and a lot of fun.  And with only two pieces and an envelope comprising the entire suite, Molly was able to pack a big statement into a sweet and simple invitation package!


21. Kendall and Lance Wedding Invitations

Kendall and Lance were wonderful to work with.  They both have such unique styles, it was easy to be inspired by them.  Their colors are gray and navy, and their wedding (it’s coming up soon!) will have vintage styling.  They got engaged by the  Savannah River here in Augusta, hence the river/tree imagery.  They pretty much let me have free reign, smiling serenely when I babbled on about deconstructed envelopes and hand-lettering and screen printing.


22. Message in a bottle wedding Invitation

You know it’s going to be a fun wedding when the invitation arrives in a Coca-Cola bottle full of sand and smells of coconut!!


23. Jana and Nick

I got the opportunity to design a wedding invitation and RSVP card package for an incredibly cool creative couple who met while on an editorial assignment covering a demolition derby_PATRICK.


24. Be mine day wedding Invitation

A cartoon design that pulls across the groom as it is pulled out to reveal your invitation wording.


25. Vintage Pirate themed Wedding Invitation

Featuring a vintage sail boat graphic, this unique pirate themed invitation will delight your friends and family. Customize the invitation to suit your party or theme.


26. Travel themed Wedding Invitation

This photo was taken on January 1, 2011.


27. Belize Wedding Invitation

Ernesto and Rocio celebrated their wedding in Belize on a small Caribbean Island San Pedro. This is their invitation: "Passport" with their photo in it and an invitation message and a "boarding pass" for reservation in an envelope. I absolutely loved their creativity.


28. Suresh Wedding invitation

Both the bride and groom are from Rajasthan where puppet shows in traditional dress are quite well known.Hence, portraying the new couple as ‘puppets’ sounded like a nice idea and became the central theme of their wedding poster invite. This was done in a bit of hurry as much of my time got lost because of preparing for Comic Con India_Kshiraj Telang.


29. View Master wedding Invitation


30. Pounding Mill Press Invitation


31. Darlington Wedding Invitation

Darlington wedding invitation. Polka dots and Victorian details juxtaposed!


32. The Sophisticated Rose Collection

A beautiful collection featuring silver hand stamped roses in full bloom throughout the design and a lovely small diamond on the bow finishes it to perfection.


33. Coral Reef


34. Perky Richter

Take a designer who is his own worst client add a fiancée seeking no less than a 100% response rate & voila… You have a whimsical, yet elegant invitation set complete with custom lettering, perfect for an October wedding. Letter pressed @ Studio On Fire.


35. Message in a bottle invitations for Tanner’s Pirate

This photo was taken on July 29, 2007 using a Canon PowerShot SD900.


36. Robin Wedding Invitation

Robin wedding invitation suite, digitally printed in chocolate brown and tangerine orange ink on white 100%pcw (post consumer waste) recycled cover stock.


37. Wedding Invitation by Kim

This was the actual wedding invitation for my wedding. Designed by Kim and myself, it consisted of a watercolor and acrylic original with text overlay done in Photoshop. These were printed at 20×30".


38. We are going to tie the knot

In the Greek language, there is an expression that uses the word “hang” in order to say “marry”. So, traditionally, when the father of the bride says “I will hang them”, he means that he will tie the couple with the holly bond of marriage.


39. My Wedding Designs

This photo was taken on January 11, 2008 using a Nikon E2200.


40. Jeff and Lisa

Jeff and Lisa are an amazing couple; hilarious, attractive, and totally crazy.They sent me some examples of designs they’d liked in part, including some avian imagery, natural textures and so forth. I did my best to distill their ideas into a modern design that complimented their style and personality.The birds are a tribute to the Charles and Ray Eames design. It works perfectly with the hand drawn wood grain.


Do you remember your wedding invitation? If you have any wedding invitation designs that you want to share, just share the link. Love to see them too!

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