Day and night are the two dualities we must all face living on planet Earth. These two distinct times offer such a unique experience based on where you’re located. I want to capture the essence of the night through unique examples of photography.

There are many passionate photographers around the world who have snapped some amazing shots in the past. I’ve put together this gallery of 40 brilliant night time photographs from various landscapes. You can see a whole different side of civilization after the sun goes down. This is especially true in developed worlds with electricity powering homes and street lights everywhere! Check out my gallery below and let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area.

New York City Skyline

City Highways at Night

DoE Solar Decathlon

Boston, Massachusetts

Snowy October Night

Toshima, Tokyo

Taira, Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture

Construction Work

Hampton at Night

Nighttime at the Beach

The Strip at Dusk

San Francisco Night

Union Square

Christmas Lights in Los Angeles

Sheraton Universal Hotel

The Quiet Suburbs

New Year’s Snow

In the Streets of Copenhagen

Florence St.

Sonoma County Street Lamps

Car Headlights

Snowy Night Rochester, NY

Hugok, South Korea

Hong Kong Evening

Nighttime Traffic in China

Exeter Streets

Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Grand Blvd Detroit, Michigan

House at Night

Ann Arbor Sidewalk

Illuminating Street Lamps

King Street at Night

MLK Bridge Richmond, Virginia

The Brick House Tavern

King Street Blues

San Clemente, California Pier

Desolate Twilight Lamps

Columbia Heights, December 2008

Vancouver Skyline

Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis Maryland

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