Both Android and iOS have seen incredible changes over the past couple years. iOS 8 advances the flat design scheme from iOS 7 while Google has been working on its own concept of Material Design. Both interface styles have evolved rapidly and lead to a series of new techniques for mobile app design.

This gallery includes a handful of brilliant settings page interfaces for mobile designers. Both Android and iOS applications are featured in the gallery including some older styles like iOS 6. You’ll find a hodgepodge of ideas from profile settings to notifications and account details. Most applications will require a settings page and this gallery is perfect for generating new ideas.

Bookmarking App

clean android settings menu bookmarking app

Dark Gradient

dark gradient iphone app ui settings menu

Flat Preferences

flat iphone ui simple preferences settings

Walle Finance App

walle finance app settings date picker ui

Settings Screen

red flat iphone ui app design

iOS7 Settings View

clean flat ios7 settings menu table links

Clean To-Do List

blue clean iphone menu settings todo list

Profile Edit

green profile edit screen ui

Dark Settings

iphone app dark settings screen ui

AppParty Menu

appparty settings menu sliding navigation

Red Settings

red settings menu ui app design

Font Style Settings

android material design app font settings


iphone ios6 ios7 switches custom settings

Dark iPhone Settings

dark iphone page settings ui design

20lines Settings

clean iphone 20lines app settings

Blue Settings

blue app screen ui settings menu design

Android Screen

android smartphone settings screen app ui

iOS Switches

rectangle checkmark switches ios settings

Opinion App

white flat ios7 settings menu design

Android UI

clean flat android green settings menu


flatapp settings menu clean ui

Settings Navigation

dark background settings menu ui

Facebook Settings

facebook dark settings menu ui

Sliding Settings

dark sliding navigation settings ui

Android Redesign

android app redesign bright settings

Profile App UI

iphone profile app settings menu

Stylift Account Settings

stylift account settings app ui

Dark Switches

dark purple iphone switches settings

Metro UI Settings

user profile flat metro design

Minimalist Settings

white iphone app ui design minimalism

Edit Profile

iphone icons edit settings page ui

Blue Settings

iphone app blue settings page app design

Lumo iOS Settings

blue gradient iphone app ios6 settings page

Audioguide App

dark audio player main screen settings

Purple Gradient

purple gradient app settings ui

Job App Settings

dark app settings job ui mobile

Atmospheir Settings

atmospheir settings dark iphone app ui

Purple iOS Settings

purple settings app ui mobile iphone

Cloudier Dark Settings

cloudier cloud app dark settings panel ui

Photo App

clean white iphone photo app settings ui

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