The continent of North America has a very rich history following the past 300-400 years. The United States has grown from a few small colonies into a large western empire in the modern world. Our culture has grown dynamically in music, theater, and even architecture. American homes have seen decades of growth all under the founded principle of Manifest Destiny.

In this showcase I have put together 40 breathtaking photographs of homes from all over the country. Modern American architecture will vary between states but each home represents a slice of something much greater. Follow along with the gallery below and be sure to save any of your favorites on Flickr!

Downtown New Suburbs

Marietta Georgia Snow

Texas Landscape

Old Town, Maine

Florida House from 1926

Victorian Era

Salem, Massachusetts

Austin Suburbs

House of 7 Gables

A Splash of Colour

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

The McCulloch House

Port Gamble, Washington

Metairie, Louisiana

Carson City, Nevada

Suburbs in Amherst, MA

Quiet Houses in Colorado

Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Fun with Geometry

Enumclaw, Washington

Architecture of Cleveland, Ohio

Little America

Red Vermont House

Cleveland Fairview Park

Berkley, Michigan

Stamford Connecticut

Two Fancy Mansions

Lakewood House circa 1900s

Lewis Peak, Utah

Des Moines, Iowa

Culver City, California

Coleman Highlands House

Washington Cul-de-sac

Mackinac Victorian Architecture

Newport, Rhode Island

Clear Skies over Suburbia

Vermont House in Autumn

Isle of Portland

New England Log Cabin

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