Color schemes are very important to web designers. The color choices for any typical website layout can greatly affect your visitor’s reactions. This is why you need to take ideas into consideration before launching a product online. I think many common ideas revolve around simpler, mild colors such as green, blue, or purple.

However in this showcase I have put together 40 outstanding yellow websites for design inspiration. Yellow is a bright and vibrant color which will definitely capture a reader’s attention. Design agencies and studios will often utilize yellow and orange colors to draw visitors towards their company branding. If you can pull off a solid layout design then this color scheme may be a fantastic idea. Similarly feel free to share links to other yellow websites we may have missed.

Chleon Automotive

yellow car website design automotives chleon inspiring

Sputnik Creative

sputnik creative yellow website interface

Bzzy App

busy bzzy app website landing page yellow bees

The Wisdom of Bees

wisdom bees beehive yellow website illustration


iconshirt yellow website carousel effect

Rice Bowls

rice bowls classic website interface designs

Quality Laundry

quality laundry website yellow interface design

Go Live!

prepare for launching live website homepage marketing

Under the Sun

under sun garden center website inspiration illustration


yellow sydney australia london ui effects agency design

Solid Soup

solid soup yellow illustration website layout

Postmark App

mark app postmark landing webpage yellow design

img is everything

img yellow studio website images tag html5


yellow website layout black5 inspiration orange


yellow inspiration website header layout

Web Species

yellow website layout inspiring design interface

Shelton Fleming

yellow dark grey brown website layout portfolio


design agency website layout inspiration yellows


custom personal portfolio web design illustration


hlvt icons helvetica freebie website layout

Mooze Design

orange website tallow inspiration designs


trongate website yellow inspiration ideas


small graphics design firm yellow website layouts


typography panel san francisco 2013 inspiring yellow fontshop

Carl Rosekilly

rosekilly portfolio layout yellow design graphics

Alex Pierce

alex pierce designer graphics portfolio yellow layout

Fries Need Mayonnaise

french fries mayo website inspiring layout portfolio

Notebox App

noteboxapp website yellow icon apps landing page

Fringe Focus

yellow webpage design studio fringe focus portfolio layout

Crafting Type

craftingtype website yellow interface designs

Teacake Design

yellow website layout inspiration tecakes


qubiq website layout inspiration designs types


buysellads ad packs website layout advertising

Engage Interactive

agency studio website graphics design inspiration

Where They At

new orleans hiphop website layout inspiring yellow


yellow stock de rock website interface inspiration

Vlad Carp

inspiring yellow website layout designs trends

Festival of Visual Arts

fest festival visual arts dancing theater

Roome London

roome london yellow texture website layout background design

The Canary Collective

canary collective yellow orange website layouts design

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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