Not so long ago YouTube updated their design specs to some type of newer One Channel. This features a single piece of background artwork that centers itself on your desktop monitor, smartphone browser, and television set. YouTube channels are becoming much more customized to fit any type of media display. This means you want to size BG images to the exact dimensions of 2560x1440px fitted right around the center.

If you don’t want to spend time in Photoshop then I’d suggest downloading a copy of some free YouTube channel artwork. I’ve collected 40 great examples ranging over a few different categories. The process of designing your own artwork isn’t too complicated and you can learn the basics within Photoshop after just a few hours of practice. If you’re serious about managing a YouTube channel with great video content, then you will definitely want to include some type of recognizable channel artwork.

Link Between Worlds

legend of zelda link between worlds youtube art

Wave Color

wave color simple youtube background art

Square Texture

dark square checkered background textures youtube


calm sunrise landscape photo background youtube

Super Mario World

super mario world snes youtube channel background

Blue Planet

blue space orb earth planet background youtube channel

Space Magic

magical space youtube shiny colors background art

Cosmic Ray

dark space cosmic ray color youtube channel background

PlayStation 4

ps4 playstation 4 system model youtube gaming background channel


soulfire bright space abstract colors channel art

Simple Minecraft

pc computer game minecraft youtube channel background

The Stars at Midnight

midnight stars space youtube channel background

Killer Instinct Gold

killer instinct gold youtube channel background art

Low Poly

low poly channel art youtube background

Colorized Horizon

colorized edge horizon light bright planet youtube artwork

Nature Paper

green nature paper texture template youtube channel art

Wooden Blocks

wood background texture youtube channel

Wild Wild West

wild west hanging sign template youtube channel art

Water Flow

simple photo water flow background youtube art

Flower of Life

flower of life pattern lights background space

Cool Abstraction

cool abstract folded cloth colors youtube background

NASA Earth

nasa earth photo background youtube channel art

George Carlin Quote

george carlin quote youtube channel art

Man of Steel

superman man of steel movie background youtube channel art

Black & White

black white pattern textured circles abstract youtube

Deep Eco Green

eco green plants nature photo background youtube

Beyond: Two Souls

beyond two souls youtube background channel artwork

Stone Cracks

dark stone cracks background texture youtube channel art

The Godfather

the godfather quote movie youtube channel art

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

leo da vinci vitruvian man sketch youtube channel art

Framed Lion

wilderness lion channel artwork cover youtube

Escaping Soul

bright colorful array youtube channel background artwork

Pulp Fiction

pulp fiction youtube movie background channel artwork

Turquoise Momentum

abstract artwork background turquoise momentum youtube

Django Unchained

red background bg django unchained youtube channel

Grand Theft Auto V

gta5 grand theft auto game youtube channel art

YouTube Channel Art Template

simple youtube channel artwork background template

Toy Story 3

disney pixar toy story 3 movie background channel youtube

Dream Rose

youtube channel artwork background dream rose abstract

Rainy Night

rainy night dark youtube background channel art

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