The countries of East Asia have a very old and rich culture dating back long before America. And many of these countries are so unique in the culture such as Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and of course China. I have always had an interest in this culture because of the complex language barrier with other western Roman-based language countries.

After searching online I put together this awesome showcase of Asian calligraphy art photos. The designs are written using a brush stroke on typical parchment paper or scrolls. But there are also examples of calligraphy in wood and other common household items. The East Asian languages use beautiful strokes in their characters which diverge eloquently between each other. Check out this really unique gallery and let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area.

Asian Lettering

east asian calligraphy graphics design

Calligraphy Print

book writing calligraphy print ink

Chinese Characters

artwork chinese calligraphy characters

Pheonix Rising

deviant art pheonix rising ashes

Okami Creation

calligraphy okami creation artwork design

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

japanese cherry blossom calligraphy trees artwork

High School Calligraphy

high school japan calligraphy artwork ink

Japanese Calligraphy

red japanese lettering typography

Bamboo Calligraphy III

japanese bamboo calligraphy artwork

Chinese Portrait

portrait woman chinese calligraphy art

Old Paper Calligraphy

kaiso japanese calligraphy artwork photo

Letter Book

typography written calligraphy text letters

Art of Japanese Calligraphy

europe festival japanese calligraphy artwork

Calligraphy Book

writing in a book japanese calligraphy

Burning Man 2004

festival burning man calligraphy artwork

Freehand Papers

japanese calligraphy papers identity

Japanese New Year

new year japanese art calligraphy

Japan Festival

photo of japanese booth festival calligraphy

Japanese Characters

creative japanese characters calligraphy

Christmas Calligraphy

japanese christmas calligraphy writing

Chinese Calligraphic Items

common chinese household items calligraphy

East Asian Calligraphy

2009 east asian calligraphy typography items

Wooden Block

chinese calligraphy characters wood box

Chinese Script

calligraphy written in chinese characters

Faux Bone Pendant

chinese asian calligraphy faux bone item

Rice Bowl & Chopsticks

chinese bown porcelin chopsticks calligraphy

Poetic Characters

chinese poem characters calligraphy

Vietnamese Calligraphy

red writing ink calligraphy vietnamese characters

Chinese Pendants

chinese characters writing calligraphy pendants

Calligraphy Art Display

chinese art convention museum calligraphy

Giant Chinese Tablet

chinese calligraphy writing tablet photo

Unglorified Calligraphy

unglorified calligraphy chinese characters writing

Out of Character

calligraphy characters art museum photograph

Hotel Wall Artwork

artwork chinese hotel design characters typography

Korean Calligraphy

korean writing system calligraphy text

Illuminated Letters

writing ink typography calligraphy east asia

Good Fortune

calligraphy characters good fortune design

Fiesta Asia 2011

asian festival calligraphy 2011 washington dc

Korean Fan

handmade fan writing calligraphy artwork korea

Modern Korean Calligraphy

hanging artwork korea calligraphy writing

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