As web designers, we spend most of the day in front of our computer. Because of this we should try our best to create an effective workspace. So in today’s roundup we have compiled 40 beautiful and effective work spaces. Enjoy!!

Home Office

My Workspace at Home

Current workspace setup

My Desk from Above

Home Office

Nieuw speeltje

Work Space

My Desktop

Be Johnny Video Studio

The new workspace

Temporarily together

My New Workspace

Panorama of my home office

My Home Office III

Apple Setup

My new office at school


Finished Bedroom

My Office / Workspace

Home Office

My desk

My New Mac Setup


The completed workplace

Foto de Familia

My mac setup

Media room Mac station

studio again




Workstation Side



Home office after

Pupil from Germany


one side of my studio.

The Orifice Today

My Workspace


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