Being in nature and hanging around animal life is like no other experience in the world. Our Earth is practically teeming with millions of different creatures, and photographers are like the record keepers. Out in the wild you never know what will happen.

And these heartwarming events are often missing the camera. Below I’ve put together 39 examples of wonderful photographs featuring animal wild life around the globe. These photographers are not only skilled but extremely lucky to have witnessed such magnificent moments!

Grazing Goats

Giraffe Calf

Orphaned Badger Cubs

Cute Rabbit Octodon

Red Panda

Baby Ducklings

Mountain Goats

Sonic the Hedgehog

Duck Butt

Horse & Foal

Yorkshire Wild Life


Sleepy Koala

Prarie Dogs


Shire Horses

Bear Cubs

Funny Chickens

Gazing Flamingos

Small Baby Bunnies

The Rabbit Family

Once Upon a Time

Mother Polar Bear

Sheep Dog

Sunset Behind Camels

Camel – Closeup Goofy

Three Cute Turtles

Cute Young Cub

Ostrich Nature Reserve

Tree Frog

African Lions


Pigs and Piglets

Baby Squirrel and Ladybird

Cute Moose Calves

Common Moorhen and Chick

Huddle Up

Sandhill Crane

Tricky Titmouse

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