Your desktop wallpaper is an important facet to your workflow. The image you’re staring at every day can dramatically influence your mood and tone of the room. Cities are often bustling and always moving, so they can capture the world at work. Thus I have collected some fantastic cityscape wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. Each includes multiple resolutions for desktop and even mobile, so check the source for whatever you need.

Chicago at Night

Dark Knight

True Colors Of Strasbourg

Vancouver Dusk


Cloud Cover

Sunset On The Charles

Background of Empire State Building

Taipei 101

Tampa Bay Water And Skyline

Charm City

Along the Harbor

Montreal At Night

Twilight In The Big Apple

Beautiful Night

Atlanta Lights


Sunset & Storm in Chicago

Downtown Los Angeles

Orange Road

Mt. Fuji

An Impossible Dream

Boston Skyline

Big City Life

Toy San Marino

It’s a Small World

Mini Manhattan Bridge

Mono View

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Into the Night

Subtle Sunset

Veni Vidi Venice

Colors of Paris

Hong Kong – Victoria Harbor


London Eye

Venetian Roads

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