The modern era we live is fascinating and hectic at the same time. There are few moments in the day we can sit back and revel in human accomplishments. But looking over our modernization of bigger cities it should become obvious that we as a society have been advancing rapidly over these past few decades. The inner city areas are often congested yet provide a sweet poetry of ideas and emotions.

I want to share a photo gallery of 36 various shots from different cities around the world. These landscapes are focused on clusters of buildings and skyscrapers often found in downtown areas. You may be surprised to find how large many of these cities actually are! It’s really incredible to accept how much work and manpower is required to build each and every one of these buildings. I hope this showcase may provide a deeper insight towards the typical hustle-and-bustle attitude of big cities, and how we are advancing as a society.

Seoul, Korea

big buildings in korea city

Boston from Prudential Tower

boston massachusetts inner city photograph

Melbourne Cityscape

the melbourne australia photo big city

Melbourne at Night

melbourne australia photograph buildings at night

Central Park, NYC

new york city central park photo

Times Square, NYC

new york city times square at night traffic

Taiwan Skyline

taiwan skyscraper skyline cityscape photo

Buildings in Toronto

toronto canada buildings skyline photo

Pittsburgh, PA

pittsburgh gloomy weather dark photo buildings

Seattle Street View

photograph skyscraper seattle washington streetview

Columbus Circle

broadway nyc photo buildings inspirational


brisbane queensland australia photograph beautiful city

Downtown San Francisco

san francisco california clock photograph

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

inner city photograph kuala lumpur malaysia asian pacific ocean

Denver, Colorado

big buildings in downtown denver colorado

Hotel in Miami, Florida

hotel view of miami florida peninsula

Belfast, Ireland

city skyscraper belfast europe ireland photograph

British Columbia Skyline

skyline skyscrapers british columbia canada sunset

Chicago at Nighttime

buildings lights inside interior chicago city

Inside New York

lights living in the big apple nyc photo

Sunset in Tokyo

tokyo japan skyscrapers buildings inspiration photo

Buildings along the River

tokyo japan river big building photograph

Fort Point Channel

fort point channel photo boston massachusetts new england

Boston Financial District

downtown boston financial district buildings skyscraper

Atlanta, Georgia

skyline photograph buildings atlanta georgia city

Tokyo Jungle

concrete jungle buildings skyscrapers aerial view

Austin at Dusk

austin texas city skyscrapers buildings sunset

Providence, Rhode Island

new england city buildings rhode island photo

Inner City Brisbane

brisbane nighttime skyline city buildings

Baltimore, Maryland

maryland baltimore harbor photograph skyscrapers

Indianapolis Skyline

city skyline indianapolis photograph tall buildings

Hong Kong Skyline

hong kong sea big buildings skyscrapers sunset

Hong Kong Commerce Center

hong kong china commerce center downtown buildings

Mount Rainier

space needle mt rainier seattle washington usa

Michigan Avenue Skyscrapers

buildings inner city chicago illinois michican ave photograph

Albuquerque, New Mexico

albuquerque nm mexico usa skyline buildings

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