Out of the many genres in photography there are artists which stand the test of time. Humans have been seeking spiritual enlightenment for thousands of years. Although photos cannot bring this dormant spirit out, we can dramatically improve our creativity and thought processes through exposure.

Check out the brief gallery below containing some brilliant works of sunrise photography. The spiritual nature behind any sunrise will prove to be enlightening and glow throughout your aura. These shots range from cityscape to wilderness and many other terrains.

If you know of similar photographers please feel free to share links below. We’ve previously featured similar photo galleries which invoke the same state of creative energy.

Foggy Dunes

Autumn Sunrise

Underneath the Veil

Lavender Dawn

Flirt with the sun

Ahinahina Sunrise

Heal Me by Sunrise V

Windfarm Sunrise

Mist Morning

Sheep in the morning

The Eremitage Hunting Lodge


Sunrise runners

Golden Moment

Morning in the forest

The fabulous sunrise

Before Sunrise


Catcher in the Rise

Misty Hills

First snow

Crescent Dawn

Defenders of the heat


Heal Me by Sunrise III

Latvian Savanna

The Tery mountain hut

A new years day


Rays and a Gate

Sunrise Discovery of Angkor Wat

This is Seattle

Morning Church

Morning Breaks

More daisies

Autumn Path

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