This post is a continuation of my previous post 40 Beautiful Twitter Theme Backgrounds

In Twitter theme design designers are restricted to change only few colors and background that limits designers creativity, but some designers gives a high impact beautiful designs even with these restriction, here I’ve listed 36 beautiful twitter themes to get inspired and to create your own beautiful twitter profile page

1.) Luke’s Beard

2.) Chris

3.) Real Andrews

4.) No Luck needed

5.) N.C Winterd

6.) LBOI

7.) DigitalSkrap

8.) Dani

9.) Christina Iannuzzi

10.) Aurora feat

11.) khaled ouanes

12.) Wardere

13.)  jwhedon

14.) Melody

15.) Djambazov

16.) Designmeme

17.) John Rawsterne

18.) Colourofaiir

19.) Go Media

20.) EliteStyles

21.) Andy Sowards

22.) Jody Phillips

23.)  Chris Hardwick

24.) Inside Black Box

25.) Scott Fulkerson

26.) Scott Clark

27.) Stephen Kelly

28.) Angelique

29.) Jonathan Nafarrete

30.) Kasey Kelly

31.) Camiseteria

32.) Ed Dale

33.)  I Am Khayyam

34.) Lindsey

35.)  Koko Hinson

36.)  James

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  1. Creative people…. Pshhh =]

    Very nice designs. Excellent collection 😀


  2. We made a custom background too using the main theme used on

    By the way, that was a great selection althought I don’t really like the last 3 selections


  3. Cool designs! Check ours too… 😉


  4. These are great! I agree, they are some really creative people.

    There is a guy who I think has an awesome background. @AshrafGhori. It’s really cool!


  5. Cool collection! Really like a few of them! Check out mine too!



  6. Wow this is a great article. Really inspirational for those of us looking to make our twitter backgrounds a little more involved.. Great article.


  7. great good collection … its very good for #twitter users


  8. i wish mine would be in those someday,.haha


  9. OMG! You had to capture my screen when I was going off like a raving lunatic… oh wait, that’s pretty much all the time 🙂

    There are a LOT of spanky backgrounds and totally some cats I’ve never seen before. Some interesting cats it looks like I’ll be chillin with.

    Thank you for compiling the list… very honored.



  10. Excellent collection !! I vote to Christiana


  11. thanks for including mine in this awesome collection!


  12. Great job. We designers have a new market! The Twitter BG! Peace.


  13. Greatfull ! And where’s mine ??^^


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  15. Thanks for including me guys 🙂


  16. Very cool showcase. My twitter background is so plain compared to these!


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  18. Awesome list, thanks for the include 🙂


  19. Think they would read the BILL if they had to live by it?


  20. Thanks for the include yugu! Good stuff on display here!


  21. Perfect list.. thank you very muchh


  22. Hey thanks for putting mine up..totally didn’t expect it when I opened this post! 🙂


  23. Great list. Backgrounds are the only reason to use the web version of twitter!


  24. I think should also be evaluated. Are portfolio’s pictures that make up the background.


  25. Thanks for the include! Love the list and being inspired by other amazing designers and artists on Twitter.


  26. I thank you for your article.

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    I hope that this will help you and the readers of this blog. Thank you again and I encourage you to write even more articles like this. They inspire a lot!

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    what do you think?


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  29. It is a nice collection of Twitter backgrounds, indeed!


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