As we move past the holiday season many parts of the world are still floating in the dead of Winter. It can get very cold at night, especially in rural areas with long stretches of land. These quiet locations serve as a place for thinking and brainstorming new ideas. I simply adore this time of year and find the peacefulness to be quite refreshing.

I hope this showcase gallery may offer a similar feeling to other designers. I have put together 35 brilliant photos related to elongated quiet areas during winter. January and February should provide to be the most frigid months of the new year. But these are also the times when we may pause and reflect on our goals in life, and get a better understanding of how things are moving towards the future.

Michigan Bridge

quiet winter bridge in snowfall

Dark Street

newton massachusetts dark night snowy street

Hills in Germany

Germany Deutchland fields snowy hills

Sunlit Mountain

snowy hills mountains photograph trees forest

Winter Snow

driving on the snowy roads

Arlington Massachusetts

arlington town snow winter streets

Quiet Streetlight

snowfall over winter streets covered blanket

Patricia Lake

Patricia Lake photograph snow shoes walking tracks

Sunset on the Farm

winter wonderland farm red barnyard sunset

Soft Light on the River

soft light on riverbed water lakes

Quiet NYC

dark night streets new york city photo

Chicago Winter

busy city landscape street chicago illinois

Winter’s Reverence

red berries branch tree photo winter snow

Log Cabins

upstate new york log cabins quiet winter

Winter 2008

winter 2008 february snow street houses


winter snow back woods forest leaves

Scenic Mountains

top of winter mountains snowy

Vancouver Island

vancouver island trees forest pines landscape

Lamp Post

frozen snow covered lamp post object dark

Twin Mailboxes

covered snowfall blue mail public postbox

Scenic Highway

scenic highway route photo targeting winter scenes


dirty backroads winter snow fall lands

Snowy Day

dropping snowfall winter scenery landscape beautiful

Winter Beauty

blades of grass glossy dew winter morning sunlight

New England Small Town

small town buildings new england new hampshire

Monday Evening Sunset

dark winter sunset horizon photograph

Trees + Sun

trees under the winter sunlight

Nestled in the Snow

covered blanket snowfall winter forest

Winter Sunrise

view from the cabin snow hills

Yellow Truck

yellow truck in the snow blanket

Beautiful Landscape

Vermont 1980 photos classic background red barns

A Winter’s Day

covered sunlight hills winter snow

Connecticut Snowfall

backyard homes small town connecticut massachusetts

White Boxes

snow covered mailboxes home winter scenery

Snowy Night in Norway

walking home dark street Norway snowstorm

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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