Anyone who understands even the basics of print has a greater comprehension of design over those who strictly work digital. Print is still an active medium and will always be useful for things like business cards, posters, and book covers.

InDesign is unequivocally the best program to study for any print work ranging from style guides to letterheads and corporate flyers. Thankfully InDesign is meant to play with other programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, so if you’re already familiar with Adobe software then it shouldn’t present much of a hurdle. If you’ve ever wanted to get started learning print design then take some time to read through these free tutorials and try your hand at a couple projects.

Fashion Magazine

indesign fashion magazine howto

Digital Publishing with InDesign

digital publishing series with indesign

Brochure Design

brochure design indesign tutorial

Book Cover Design

create book cover indesign

Linking Instances

link instances in indesign how

Quick Text Wrap

quick text wrap indesign tutorial

Infographic Template

indesign infographic template

Party Place Cards

party place cards indesign

A5 Print Leaflet

a5 print leaflet indesign

Introduction to Typesetting

typesetting books indesign howto

Fashion Magazine Cover

fashion magazine cover howto indesign

Hardcover Book

hardcover book design cover art

Invitation Design

invitation wedding design print

Booklet Essentials

booklet essentials page count

Wall Calendar

retro style wall calendar indesign

BBQ Flyer

bbq flyer print indesign

White Space Principles

white space indesign howto use

World Cup Poster

world cup design print work

Page Sizes using InDesign

custom page sizing indesign

Custom Effect Styles

using indesign effects howto

Post-Apocalyptic Movie Poster

post apocalyptic movie poster skull


moodboard design indesign print

Art Deco Menu

indesign print howto 20s style menu

Victorian Halloween Poster

victorian retro halloween poster

Thistle Infographic

print design thistle infographic

CD Cover Design

packaging cover design cd art

InDesign Workflow

indesign workflow tips howto

Fiction Book Cover

fiction book cover design indesign howto

Cookbook Layout

indesign custom cookbook layout

Letterhead Design

basic letterhead design tutorial

Elegant Resume

indesign print tutorial resume

Coffee Shop Menu

coffee shop menu photoshop indesign

Book Template

create book template indesign howto

Print-Ready Ad Design

create print ready ad indesign

Magazine Mockup

indesign print mockup full tutorial

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