One of the more unique artistic visions of the 21st century comes in the form of coffee cream. Many infamous cafe’s found all around the world have mastered the skill of latte foam art. Using some milk or cream these artists can put together beautiful designs in your steaming brew.

If you have an interest in photography then definitely check out my showcase below. These are some powerful skills you won’t find just anywhere! Overall combining a delicious beverage with some very inspirational artistic visionaries.

Usual Latte Art

Pioneer Coffee Sun Art

Coffee Inn Baristas

Latte Art at Tuckerbox

Cafe Mocha

Tokyo – Coffee Seal

Suginami, Japan Fresco Cat

the loving is strong.

Inza Coffee Latte Art

Real Mocha Cambridge, MA

Caffe Latte Macchiato

Cafe Sospeso Barista Art

Silky Heart

Snapshot November 2009

Light Mocha Cream

Happy Bear Face

Smiling Bunny Rabbit

Created by Coffee Inn

Coffee Latte Art

Latte Art Drink Competition

Urban Coffee Lounge

Confused Bear – Latte Art by Alma

Dog in Cappuccino

Pile Cafe – Ebisu Tokyo

Coffee and Soul Cafe

Days of Cream and Syrup

Zoka Cafe in Kirkland, Washington

Coffee: Friend or Foe?

Random Latte Art

Café Dulce, Los Angeles

Cafe Whipped Cream Desert

Personalized Latte Art

Cambie Blenz in Vancouver

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