Breaking into the freelance world is never easy. First you need to pinpoint your skillset and build a solid portfolio. Then it’s a matter of networking and locating clients who would pay for your creative services. How does somebody new to freelancing jump into the waters and hope for any success? With plenty of research and proper planning!

Get yourself in the mindset of a freelancer and learn how others got their foot in the door. This post includes 30 outstanding tools, articles, and webapps to help any modern freelancer. Whether you’re brand new or somewhat experienced these freelancing resources may prove to be surprisingly useful.


Best Freelance Tools of 2013

best freelance tools for 2013 website


get harvest app design website freelancing


freshbooks online bookkeeping invoicing design


trello website freelance todo webapp


shoeboxed website freelancing tools inspiration


treehouse online learning website webapp resources

Tax Resources for Freelancers

online website tax resources for freelance workers

Guides & Articles

7 Resources to Price Setting

resources guidelines set freelancing rates pricing

Get Your First Freelance Client

howto article envato landing first freelance client

Collective Legal Guide for Designers

the collective legal guides for designers

Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make

critical mistakes made by freelancers

Popular Freelancing Tools (Infographic)

popular freelancing tools infographic freebie guide

Starting Your Freelance Career

starting your freelance career guide online tutorial

Relaunch Your Freelancing Business

howto guide launch your freelance business

Become a Freelance Web Developer

become a freelance web developer howto

Starting Your Web Design Business

9 steps starting your freelance design business

Evolve from Freelancer to Agency

howto guide hired job designer agency

Top 15 Books for Freelancers

freelance career business books great list

Resources for What To Charge

freelance resources determine what to charge rates

Setting and Negotiating Freelance Rates

complete guide setting negotiating freelance rates

A Graphic Designer’s Survival Guide

freelance graphic designers survival guide online

A Guide to Freelance Web Design

online guide to becoming a freelance web designer

Your Freelance Reputation Matters

your freelance reputation matters why guide online

Start Freelancing without having a Mental Breakdown

start freelancing guide without having mental breakdown

Freelancer’s Guide to Recurring Revenue

freelancer guide online recurring repeat revenue

The Home Office

a guide to working from home freelance article

Freelancing Tips from an Insider

written article freelancing tips from an insider

Lessons from an Indie Designer

learned lessons as an indie designer article

10 Do’s and Dont’s of Freelancing

10 true lessons of freelancing do dont article

5 Lessons Learned while Freelancing

5 five life lessons i learned as a freelancer article

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