Photography has been inspiring us for generations. We live on a beautiful planet with luscious waters and earth. From an arial view you begin to understand how cities and towns are formed in congested areas of civilization.

I’ve cataloged 30 sweet airplane view photographs below. These include cities and landmarks from all around the world, most taken from within an airplane seat. Let us know your thoughts on the gallery in our discussion area below.

Texas – some river, somewhere

San Francisco, California

NYC from Airplane View

Over Portugal

NYC Bridges

NYC from the Airplane

Landing in Los Angeles

LA California Skyscrapers

Houston to Los Angeles

San Francisco fly-by view

San Francisco Aerial

San Francisco in 2009

Tokyo Bay area

Side-view of Tokyo Skyline

Approaching Tokyo Narita

Boston, MA Aerial View

Miami, Florida

California Suburbs

San Jose suburbs

Suburbs of Bangalore

Sydney, Australia

Denver Colorado

Above Denver – Shot II

Airplane above Portland, Maine

Islands of Portland

Washington Monument

Kansas City from the air

Aerial View above Chicago

Leaving Chicago, Illinois

Coastline of Chicago

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