Every year the seasons change and winter is upon us yet again. Snow & ice are just some of the features we notice outside. Winter is tranquil, it brings in the new year and often brings people closer together. I love the seasonal changes along with artistic styles which perfectly depict the changing emotions.

In this post I’ve organized a set of 30 winter-themed brushes and patterns for Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator. Anyone who works in graphic design is likely familiar with this software. But many of these brushes can even work in freeware such as GIMP. If you’re in the creative spirit why not download a few brush packs and see what you can put together?

Frost Texture Brushes

simple photoshop ice frost textures

Icicle Brushes

free adobe photoshop icicle brushes

Pine Mega Pack

pine tree brushes mega pack download

Christmas Brushes

illustrated doodles christmas brushes freebie photoshop

Winter Plants

winter plant brushes freebie photoshop download

Snowflake Brushes

deviantart snowflake brushes download pack

30+ Snowflake Set

30 snowflakes winter brush set photoshop

Winter Breeze

simple blue photoshop winter breeze brushes pack

Randomizing Scatter Snow Brushes

7 snow brushes photoshop randomized scatter design

Basic Christmas Shapes

simple christmas brushes photoshop freebie

Christmas Tree Brushes

freebie photoshop download brushes pack christmas trees pines

Star Patterns

freebie christmas patterns download deviantart snowflakes

Vintage Xmas Patterns

free download retro vintage wrapping paper christmas patterns

Various Christmas Brushes

various freebie deviantart brush set christmas items

Ice Texture Patterns

download free ice textures adobe patterns

Winter Snowflake Pattern

download adobe photoshop patterns freebie snowflakes

Seamless Patterns

hand drawn christmas seamless patterns icons

Stars and Presents

basic photoshop patterns stars presents christmas snowflakes

Christmas Brush Doodles

freebie brusheezy download brushes doodles christmas winter

Cute Christmas Brushes

brusheezy simple cute christmas brushes download

Snowflakes Pack

35 brushes snowflake download freebie

Seamless Christmas Patterns

seamless christmas patterns freebie download brusheezy

Santa Claus Brushes

santa claus st nick nicholas brushes freebie

Chilly Winter Pattern (premium)

chilly winter pattern freebie premium pack

Blue Christmas Pine (premium)

blue christmas pine tree needles pattern download

45 Abstract Flake Brushes

45 abstract snowflake brushes download freebie

Christmas Decorations

6 christmas decoration brushes freebie download

Winter Days Brushes

frosty winter days download freebie brush pack

15 Snowflake Brushes

15 snowflake brushes freebie download pack

50 More Snowflakes

50 snowflake brushes download freebie winter graphics

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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