I can’t argue with folks who claim that fast food is unhealthy. It most definitely is, especially in excess. But it didn’t grow into a multinational market for nothing.

Fast food is great when you’re traveling or scrapped for cash. It provides a service that many people desire. As such they’re treated like any other restaurant with clever branding and wonderful design aesthetics.

I’ve collected a series of fast food websites that demonstrate how virtuous design can be mixed with not-so-virtuous foodstuffs. Crafty design is the way into our hearts and our stomachs. We remember what we see and these logos are plastered on highway billboards across the world. Not only do these websites feature usable interfaces and stylish graphics, but the branding techniques are top-notch and worthy of recognition.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

kfc kentucky fried website 2015

Jack In The Box

fastfood jack in the box website

Carl’s Jr.

carls jr website fast food design

Krispy Kreme

krispy kreme doughnuts website retro


sonic drivein website fast food


arbys quick fastfood website


pinkberry ice cream

Wings Over

wings over website restaurant


chicken chickfila website fast food

Au Bon Pain

au bon pain food restaurant


wingstop cooking food website

Dairy Queen

dairy queen ice cream

Hungry Jack’s

hungry jacks food cooking

Tim Hortons

tim hortons food restaurant


nandos website inspiration food

White Castle

burgers white castle fast food


cinnabon video background website food

Little Caesars

little caesars pizza restaurant


chipotle food homepage fastfood


burgerville food restaurant

Jamba Juice

jamba juice website design


quiznos subs coodking meatballs

Boston Market

boston market fast food website


jollibee food website layout


fast food wendys layout


bonchon baking cooking website

Auntie Anne’s

auntie annes pretzels

Taco Bell

taco bell restaurant design

Panda Express

panda express chinese food website

In-N-Out Burger

in n out burger restaurant

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