In today’s world advertisement plays a very important role for a product or company to be successful. The advertisement must deliver a powerful message to attract the consumer’s attention. In print advertisement a designer has to be very creative using text to target the group in the mind. In this roundup we are featuring some cool and creative print advertisements to inspire you. Please feel free to tell us in comments which one is your favorite. Enjoy!!

Batelco Directory: Hospital

Mercedes Benz: Left Brain – Right Brain, Paint

Café Tainá: Don’t Sleep, Cast Away

Fabercastell Truecolours: Shark

Sanzer hand gel: Phone booth

Pizza & Love: Fight for the Amazonas

Pringle of Scotland: River

Pringles Xtreme: Caveman

It’s a boy card

Pepsodent: Chicken

WWF, Sassi: Tuna

WWF: Ivory

Google: Did you mean Battleship?

Berger: Sky

Colgate Floss: Brain

Alca-Luftal: Pig

Samusocial: Asphaltisation, 3

Fedex: USA-Brazil

Spoleto: Shark

WWF Bluefin Tuna overfishing: Panda

SOS Dettes: Debt Hurts, Strangled

Save the Rhino: Zebra

Tag Heuer: Bird

Fort: Cockroach

Suzuki: Ostrich

Panasonic 3D TV: Dino

Calgary Farmers’ Market: Watermelon

Surfrider Foundation: Fossil, Bag

Abdul Skateboarding: Halfpipe

Calgary Zoo: Cavegirl

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  1. Pretty amazing stuff here. I love these kinds of posts!


  2. Good choices, is a shame that people still have bad advertisements. The pig of Troy is funny.


  3. So wonderful…Incredible images…Some so inspired by the film INCEPTION…thanks for sharing!


  4. The second image down is incredible!


  5. Really cool collections.. I just loved the 4th image.. Thanks for sharing Brant…


  6. I just loved the one with the pizza, “Fight for the last slice”


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