Interface designers have become very clever over the recent years. We’ve seen Apple introduce the breathtaking iOS format, followed shortly by Google’s Android. Additionally Chrome has re-defined how we build websites and jQuery offers tons of unique effects on the user end. below are 30 amazing examples of new web interfaces and how you can jump ahead of the curve in your own designs.

Glossi Timeline

Searching UX

Web app menu

Black Bar Web Interface

Web Elements

Shallibuy interface preview

Web Magazine Dropdown Menu

Spot web app interface

Sidebar numbers

Web app toolbar – icon states

Today’s To-dos

Music UI

Friends Screen

Web App UI

Clean User Interface

“neilya” web app ui

Minimalist Web Form

Light Web Interface

Checkout form

Event UI #2

Dashboard Control Panel

File Upload

Voting UI

Website UI Detail

Login Pannel

Green Bean Home

Nav With Color

iSetu web UI

Thinking in Modal

Upload States

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