Any freelancer wants to earn more from every project possible. However there are always limits to how much you can charge as a free lancer. After all, there is a limit to the number of clients you can handle as well, right? This article will help you make the most money, if you are truly good at your work. Provided you are also willing to put in just a little bit more effort!

3 Tips to Get Better Paid from Your Clients
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Yes, this article means to explain how you can make more money using three simple tips, and there are no catches! You can make more money using your existing clients. You could look at it as vertical rather than horizontal growth, in which free lancers tend to get stuck at times. These are very simple tips, let us say a fine tuning of the way you do your business.

These are a few of our best ideas to help you be able to charge more from your existing clients, from your next freelance project or maybe even from your current project! Without further introduction, let us get to our three tips on how you can make more money:

1. Making it Easier for Clients

If you make life easy for your clients, there is a chance they could be willing to increase your pay. It finally comes down to a matter of convenience alone. Why not go the extra mile to make life easy for the client so THEY do not have to do something extra? It could be a simple task, but Primitive Stencils anyone who is on a corporate account is willing to offload their own responsibilities for money. Look at it this way – the more the client has to put in the effort, the less is their satisfaction and consequently the less is your pay. Why would anyone want to pay more when they have to do a little bit of work as well?

A free lancer’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for the client. If you put more focus on benefits to the clients, and even focus on telling them how your services are easy to approach and use, the more are the chances you can get a higher price for those services. No corporate manager would really care after a point, that you are the best at making a technical design X or implementing that widget Y! They care about their ease of access to you and the least amount of effort from them! So why not focus on this ease of life while making a pitch to a client, and in your conversations and the practically of work as well? Do ALL you can to make life easier for the client. NEVER tell them they need to get this or that done, unless it simply cannot be helped. EVEN then, do NOT make it a highlight, but rather put it across in such a way that they believe it is something that you simply cannot take on even if you wanted to.

2. Use the Right Words

Words are what convince people, period! The better your wording in the offer, the more are the chances of you getting the job, and maybe get more for the job as well. It is all about convincing people, and the more they are convinced about your capabilities, the more are the chances of them paying you a better fee. Use the right words over the phone, through e-mails, through your proposals and through your sales pitch.

Here are a few tips on using the right words –

A. Refrain from using words such as ‘maybe’. You should use something like ‘risk-free’ instead. Use ‘I will DEFINITELY’ rather than ‘I will try’.

B. Highlight the benefits that you offer. Again, a good play of words can improve the efficiency of convincing the clients about your true talents. Make your deal sound like a steal! We do not mean to imply that you lie to your clients. That plain and simple SUCKS! We are implying that you tell them better about what you REALLY DO have to offer, and highlight your key points.

3. Throw in a Few Freebies

If you offer an over-deliver as far as value for money goes, it makes anyone feel they have been given a good deal. This, yes, is as simple as a corny line which says ‘order now and you get, this, that and this for free’. Well, you do not have to sound corny when you say it (words again?). You could still put it in a subtle way, telling the clients that if they take some kind of a package deal, you would charge them only marginally more for value added services.

You will find many companies offering ‘buy two and get the third free’. Buy one, and 50% off on the accessory to the main product? ANY order for a certain product X comes with a free Y and Z? You get the point! So why not apply this to freelance clients as well? Tell them that not only will you give a great delivery on the product A, but throw in a few extra service B as well? It could be something as simple as pick up and delivery!

But you could question this if it means a whole lot extra work for you! Well, the trick is to give the extras which do NOT trouble YOU too much. You need to be able to charge more for NOT too much trouble for you. It HAS to be a win-win situation as far as your efforts as a free-lancer are concerned. On the other hand, your clients need to really get a little more for paying a little more. We leave you to decide on the finer points of your offers to YOU.

We wish you the best to making more money with every freelance project you work on henceforth!

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