Have you ever wanted to learn how to design in Photoshop or Illustrator? It can be tough picking up a book or reading through online tutorials. And getting into a class isn’t always possible, either. But there are thousands of free video lessons on YouTube with many more uploaded each week.

Topics can range from icon design, vector graphics, digital painting or even character illustration. This gallery is focused on beginner-level videos to help newcomers understand the basics of digital artwork. Granted you cannot expect to master these skills over a week or even a month. But if you never stop practicing I guarantee you will absorb the skills with time and patience.

The Basic Elements

form shape line edge youtube basic elements drawing

Making Things look 3D

shapes 3d howto design drawing video tutorial

How To Draw Gesture

human figure gesture drawing howto proko video

Learn to Loosen Up

loosen up photoshop video digital paint

What is a Study?

drawing photoshop what is case study design

Brush Control Basics

brush control basics tutorial video photoshop

Traditional Drawings for Digital Coloring

prepare traditional drawing for digital coloring

Guide to Gesture Drawing

sycra video guide tutorial gesture drawing

Foundations of Light and Shadow

foundations of light and shadow tutorial drawing

Using a Painter’s Wheel

choose colors using painters wheel howto

Choose Colors that Work

howto how to tutorial video picking colors

How to Draw Hands

basics drawing sycra video tutorial hands fingers

Digital Environment Painting

digital environment painting photoshop tutorial

Value Planning

value planning youtube video tutorial digital paint

5 Tips for Better Drawings

five tips for better drawing will terrell video

Pencil Sketches into Digital Paintings

scanned digital pencil into painting howto photoshop

PS Landscape Walkthrough

photoshop design digital landscape walkthrough video

Fundamentals of Character Design

fundamentals of character design work photoshop

Apple Painting in Photoshop

beginners tutorial digital painting apple design howto

Lighting Fundamentals

lighting fundamentals painting digital photoshop video

Blend Colors in Photoshop

howto video blending brush colors photoshop

Create a Flat Website Layout

psd photoshop video howto design flat layout

Flat Mobile App Design

video tutorial photoshop create flat mobile app

iOS7 App Icon Design

ios7 style app icon design photoshop tutorial

Create Textures & Patterns for Web Design

create textures photoshop howto cs6 tutorial video

Beginner’s Digital Art Tutorial

beginners digital art painting drawing tutorial video

Web 2.0 Box Icon

glossy box icon web 2.0 style video tutorial

Vector Icons using Illustrator

video tutorial creating vector icons howto illustrator

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