It seems like tutorials on web design often overshadow graphics & print design. Freelancers around the world cater to all types of clients, and graphics are a big piece to this. Work can also include software like Adobe InDesign for publishing books, brochures, magazines, and other print media.

These 28 tutorials are perfect for getting yourself accustomed to the world of graphics, vectors, and publications. Whether you already have some experience or just want to delve into this for the first time – most of these tutorials are super easy to read through. Take a peek at these titles and see if anything catches your interest.

Design a Custom Business Card

designing custom eclectic business card howto graphics tutorial

Creamy Ice Cream Poster

vector artwork poster print tutorial ice cream cone

Daft Punk Poster

daft punk poster illustrator design tutorial

Abstract Photo Manipulation

dark photoshop cs6 photo manipulation poster artwork tutorial

GTA V Logo using Illustrator

adobe illustrator tutorial grand theft auto 5 logo

Creating faster InDesign Layouts

create faster adobe indesign layouts tutorial

Creating an Index with InDesign

adobe design tutorial index howto documents

Letterhead Tips & Tricks

tips tricks tutorial for the perfect print letterhead

Make a Business Card in Photoshop

adobe photoshop tutorial creating a business card

Using Photoshop and InDesign Together

using photoshop indesign workflow tutorial combined adobe software

Create a Magazine Mockup

magazine mockup cover graphics photoshop indesign

Create a Delicious Print Ad Using Photo Manipulation

tutorial print advertisement strawberries photo manipulation photoshop

Stylish Vector Hair Typography

stylish vector illustration hair texture text effect

Vintage Art Deco Poster

adobe illustrator print tutorial vintage art poster

Detailed Honey Text Effect

detailed illustrator honey text effects tutorial

Mosaic Beads Text Effect

text art effect adobe illustrator tutorial typography

Chrome Typography

chrome typography illustrator chrome design text effects

Music Magazine Cover using InDesign

adobe indesign tutorial music magazine graphics cover

Halloween Party Invitation

dark halloween creepy festive party invitation tutorial print design

InDesign Tri-Fold Template

3fold trifold brochure template tutorial indesign

Psychedelic Mushrooms with the Blob Brush Tool

psychedelic mushrooms graphics design tutorial brush tool photoshop

Candy Striped Text with Candy Accents

candy striped text accents graphics design tutorial

Sticky Summer Printable Poster

sticky summer printable poster artwork typography text effects

Book Cover Mockup using InDesign

how to create indesign mockup book cover design tutorial

Geometric Kermit the Frog Illustration

green geometric kermit the frog illustrator tutorial graphics design

Detailed Festive Christmas Wreath

festive christmas wreath illustrator vector tutorial

Creating a Coffee House Logo

coffee house logo design howto illustrator vector tutorial

Elegant Resume with InDesign

elegant resume using indesign tutorial howto print graphics

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