Understanding texture design opens up a world of possibility for graphics designers. Textures provide the illusion of realistic items for a poster or cover artwork. But you can also implement textures for mobile app interfaces or website designs.

Adobe Photoshop is the premiere graphics editing software and offers the best tools for the job. If you’re unfamiliar with any methods of creating texture then these tutorials are for you. I’ve cataloged a total of 27 articles covering items and backgrounds that you can build with Photoshop and some general creativity. Once you practice these underlying concepts it will become easier for you to redesign textures in the future.

Stylish Coffee Cup

stylish coffee cup smart objects photoshop

Realistic iMac Icon

realistic imac computer icon photoshop howto

Retro Game Boy from Scratch

retro game boy texture in photoshop howto

Create a Realistic iPhone

howto create a realistic iphone phone smartphone

Create a USB Cable

howto create a usb cable in photoshop

Realistic Loaf of Bread

howto create realistic loaf of bread photoshop

Realistic Picture Frame

design a picture frame in photoshop

Vector Cigarette Lighter

vector cigarette lighter flame in photoshop

Photo Realistic Camera

create a photo realistic camera icon photoshop

The Ultimate Wood Texture

ultimate wood texture tutorial in photoshop

Carbon Mesh Background

carbon mesh background effect texture in photoshop

Texture & Lighting in Rounded Artwork

texture lighting effects photoshop rounded artwork

Rusty Texture in Photoshop

howto create a rusty texture in photoshop

Delicious Green Apple

howto create a delicious green apple icon photoshop

Denim Stitched Texture

denim typography stitched texture photoshop

Address Book Icon

leather address book tutorial photoshop

Stylish Media Player

stylish media player in photoshop howto

Stylish Pair of Headphones

stylish pair of headphones photoshop howto tutorial

Realistic Fountain Pen

realistic fountain pen tutorial howto photoshop

Realistic Credit Card

creating design photoshop credit card howto

Shiny Bass Guitar Illustration

shiny bass guitar howto photoshop tutorial

Woofer Embedded in Wood

wood woofer speaker howto design photoshop texture

Fantastic Stone Textures

create a photoshop texture stone textures

Realistic 3D Baseball Cap

design baseball cap howto tutorial photoshop

Realistic Compact Disc

design a compact disc in photoshop howto

Radar Icon

photoshop radar icon howto tutorial design

Create a Camera Lens

create camera lens icon photoshop tutorial

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