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  1. Nice post, very interesting! But garbage patch isn’t! What a mess…

  2. Very cool collection of work. I’ve always admired someone who can distill rather dry information and make it visually interesting to look at and understand. Good stuff.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the list – it’s amazing to see what people can do ūüôā
    BTW, how does one make a banner stick to the bottom of the screen, like this LOGOFAVES thing below?
    Any help appreciated.

  4. Excellent list, most of them are really amazing…

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  6. Amazing infographics!l
    thnks for the sharing!

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  9. Muy buena recopilaci√≥n de infograf√≠as, Saludos ūüôā

  10. […] dije que te enviar√≠a ejemplos de infograf√≠a: por ac√° hay 27, por estos lados hay varios m√°s: Visual Compelxity Cool Infographics? Simple Compelxity? Data […]

  11. Very useful to me! Thx for the post!

  12. Nice collections

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  14. iyiymi?..

  15. tebrikler..

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  18. Very nice post. Awsome.
    I post it in my blog (if theres no problem).
    I put the credicts.



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  20. […] 27+ Beautiful Examples of Infographics | Dzine Blog – Infographics refers to visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education […]

  21. Great updates on the stale bar graph. Brilliant.

  22. excellent.


  23. Nice collection, much appreciated

  24. Great Collection Yug ūüôā

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  28. Beautiful collection. Thanks!

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  31. Thanks nice collection!

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  33. Good theme design list, i use it for my blog.

  34. Thant is good graphics, i will download it.

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  36. some great ways to display graphs and statistics.surely I will use some of them in future assignment.

  37. One of my favorite posts on the site. Charts don’t have to be boring.

  38. […] alguna para destacar en un post como corresponde. Pero ¬°no supe cu√°l! As√≠ que mejor vean los 27 ejemplos hermosos de infograf√≠as. Si busc√°s inspiraci√≥n, si quer√©s sorprenderte. Pas√° y mir√°. 0 Esta entrada fue publicada […]

  39. Good theme design list“`

  40. […] alguna infoormaci√≥n de manera original e interesante. Es por eso que me gustar√≠a compartirles esta colecci√≥n de 27 bellos ejemplos de infograf√≠as, hecha por DzineBlog. Una de las que m√°s me llama la atenci√≥n es la comparaci√≥n del costo de un […]

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  42. Great list! Thanks for this amazing post!

  43. Cool!

    Thanx. 2favorites.

    And do you have exampels of simple infographics?
    Like this one for example:

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