If you’re launching a startup chances are you’ll need to move into the realm of business. Sooner or later startups must turn a profit to keep things moving. And what a better way to get yourself in the mood than examining business cards? The 26 examples below include designers, freelancers, and some popular startups who have created very inspirational and eye-catching business card layouts.

Easel Stand

Circles Business Card

We Are Designers

Card Doodle

Bubble Talk

Kristine Trinidad Design

Tim Van Damme Gowalla

Laura Moretz

Metallic Letterpress


Mumbai Barcamp

Business Card SempreInnove

Jay Adelson Digg

Ah Design

Stubborn Business Card

Javier Garcia


Bike Cards

we shoot cocktails

weheartit card

Facebook back


Milk, Inc. Business Card

Early Bing Card

Yahoo! Research Development

Adobe Card

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