This Post is a continuation of my previous post 27 cool coming soon pages

The Coming Soon page is simply the modern version of the under construction page, There are many advantages in coming soon page, it’s a good way to mark your presence early  in web  , as google search algorithm consider the domain age as one of it’s major  factors . This type of page has dropped the annoying construction cones and replaced with relevant and useful  information, Mainly the sign up form to be notified of an actual launch

Here are 25 examples of Coming soon pages ,Check it out (while its still coming soon)

1. Luke’s Beard

2. Fav Moive

3. Isablah

4. The Helvetica

5 .  Upstate

6. My Nite Life

7. Human Binary

8. Meal nation

9. Site Da Familia Baum

10. Vyoopoint

11. Ticket Snoop

12. Designers Couch

13. AfterLife Notes

14. Design Svn

15. Zipliner

16. Six Central

17. Handsome & Gorgeous

18. I Heart SpaceShips

19. JW Plumbing

20. Cube Frog

21. Designatr

22. Minute Glass

23. Uber Loops

24. Addressful

25. Clear Content

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