The App Store has been growing at an exceptionally fast pace. Ever since we rolled into 2012 there have been more iPhone and iPad apps released from developers all around the world. And this isn’t mentioning the build-up of applications since the store originally launched in July 2008.

In this gallery I’ve put together some outstanding iOS app icons. Use these for inspiration on parts of your website, or even when designing your own iPhone app. There are so many creative ideas that it’s tough to nail down one particular designer. But going through some of these examples will surely offer a glimpse into professional icon design techniques.

PhotoPlace Pro

Smartr Contacts

Canada Sales Tax Calculator


San Francisco Way

Los Angeles Way


Pay with Square


Baby Accordeon

Food Guide

The Photo Cookbook


Chocolate Mania HD


Shape-O ABC’s

Lil’ Birds


Cinema – The Beautiful Movie Database

Alan Rogers Camping



Wall of Memories

Weather Router

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Posted by Jake Rocheleau

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