A popular trend in modern UX design is creating animated GIF images to demonstrate how an interface will behave with user interaction. The interface can relate to sliding menus, buttons, swipe-animated galleries, and a whole lot more. The best tool for creating these animations would be After Effects – a program by Adobe which offers a lot of powerful tools.

If you’ve never used After Effects before don’t sweat it! This software can be understood with just a bit of practice and repetition. I’ve cataloged a series of tutorials which display how you can build animated interfaces for websites and mobile apps. Some tutorials also cover graphic animation effects which explain how you can build custom FX and apply them to your own interfaces. If you’ve ever wanted to learn UI/UX animation these tutorials are the best place to get started on your journey.

Cell Phone Screen Replacement

cell phone screen replacement vimeo tutorial

Design & Animate a Gamer UI

design animate game ui after effects

iPhone Breathalyzer

iphone breathalyzer animation after effects

Basic Timeline Animation

after effects video tutorial timeline

Unfolding Animation in After Effects

unfold paper animation tutorial after effects

Website Content Animations

webpage content animation after effects

iOS7 UI Effects

ios7 app user interface effects tutorial

Getting Started with After Effects

starting with after effects basic tutorial

Animated GIFs for UI Presentations

animated gif interface presentations tutorial

UX in Motion

ux in motion website after effects

Animated UI [Freebie]

animated website user interface freebie after effects

Animation, Compositing, and Nesting

after effects animation precomposite nesting howto

Masks, Shapes, and Rotoscoping

masks shapes and rotoscoping after effects

AE Effects & Animation

after effects animation howto beginners

Building an iPhone

howto build an iphone in after effects

Linear Function Expression

howto linear function expression after effects

Web Animation Prototypes

how to after effects website animation prototype

App Tour Walkthrough

create app walkthrough in after effects tutorial

Mobile Phone App Demo

mobile phone app composite template design

Dynamic Button and Mouse Click

dynamic button mouse click event animation

After Effects Scripting

basic beginners tutorial after effects scripting

Create a Parallaxing Background

howto create parallax background in after effects

Animate Flowing Text

animate flowing text to iphone tutorial after effects

User-Friendly After Effects Template

build user friendly after effects template tutorial

Animated Infographics

animated infographics howto tutorial after effects

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