Everyone should bear in mind that designing a good business card does portray a good sense of your client’s business.  A good business card must be devised with great care to obtain as well as get the attention of new clients to purchase the item you are selling as well as use the assistance you are providing.  A good business card should not be taken for granted as an item for announcements, to connect with your clients or a way for you to obtain connections.  Business card is a form of self promotion and relays the information about you and what you do or rather what your company is all about.  If your business card doesn’t provide you with sales or make your business stand out, this just proves that your business card isn’t effective at certain level.

23 Tips for Good Business Card Design

A lot of individuals think that business cards are the sole advertisement method that is effective; though this thought is mostly common among people who are just new comers in the world of commerce.  The general method of idea is that a business card is easily thought up as well as generated from the comfort of one’s house or one’s desktop and that is sufficient enough for new business associates to get recognition or sales from clients.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Honestly, business cards is an effective item that has been taken for granted.  Having a business card that is elegant and specialized will allow customers to have an idea of how you are and how your company is like where else a card that is made in the comforts of your house just provides customer with the idea that you are not an expert at what you do.

Here is a list of 23 tips in designing good business card:

  1. Choose convincing pictures that represents your product, business or company.
  2. Ensure your business card is done in a manner that it attracts and maintain your clients’ interest.
  3. Ensure your business card is made out of 100 pound card stock and various array of colors.
  4. Using images that toys with people feelings have been noted to be very appropriate however some images may not be suited to a commerce environment.
  5. Choosing cards that are made out of plastic, colorful cards or something out of the ordinary will give you the opportunity to not be easily forgotten.
  6. Think of your business card in various sizes and diameter.  You can make your business card to represent the item you are selling just to stand out.
  7. Allow the idea of your business card to be in perpendicular form as it will surely get you noticed.
  8. Having your business card made to double folding or triple folding can act as a small catalogue.
  9. Come up with various card designs so that people will be excited to obtain your business card and enhance their card collection.
  10. Think of adding a tune or music file on your card.  You could even ensure your card smells nice however some individuals can be sensitive to certain smells.
  11. You must make sure your card has the necessary ways for people to get in touch with you such as the name of your business, business location, telephone digits, facsimile digits, online sites as well as electronic mail address.  Do not forget to add in your given name as well as your occupation.
  12. Do not worry about the money you will be spending on those cards.  Spending a bit more on your card will go a long way so do not thrift on the amount.  Getting the best on your business card will have more people calling you thus enhancing your business even more.
  13. Having two different cards could enhance your sales way beyond your imagination.  People can see you have taken your time as well as your creative side is waiting to be flourished.
  14. Ensure your business card states your company brand, image or realistic pictures which should also be on your business advertising brochures or presentation.
  15. Have a marketing one liner ready.  This one liner will normally hit a cord in terms of feelings as well as provide your products with a relate ability factor.  It also provides your clients with a reason to choose you as their provider.
  16. Do not choose a writing that people cannot understand as this will loose you a few customers.
  17. Do not ever give out business cards that contain old contact details, post or even address.  You will appear as an unprofessional person.
  18. Ensure the notes on your card are a summary instead of a long write up.  People can loose interest even before you know it.
  19. The behind of your card should contain important points about your services, customer reviews, offer on your services or even encourage people to try out your services for free.  The behind of the card will make people remember you easily.
  20. If you realize you are not using at least 1000’s of business cards in on year, you are loosing out on all the businesses that is out there for you to penetrate.  So, change your gear and make your business card work for you.
  21. The best way to see if your business card is memorable for you, place your card amongst a bunch of other business card either on a hanging board or something and see whether your card entices you.  If it doesn’t, you know something is wrong.
  22. If your client does not say anything about how good your card looks or anything about your card when you give it to them, this signals that the card does not have that WOW factor and will not be talked about.
  23. Once you give a client your card, ensure you obtain their card as it will allow you to keep in touch with them thus expanding your business in a more flourished way.

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