You can find hundreds of free icons to download all around the web. Google for interface icons and freebie sets, you are bound to find hundreds of thousands of results! It can be a pain going through all these potential links and finding the best quality interface icons.

That is why I have put together this showcase of 23 personal favorite icon sets. These are all free to download and work perfect for web & mobile interfaces. Any new project can be greatly enhanced by a nice suite of icons. Along with the list above, feel free to share other examples of freebie icon sets in the post discussion area.

Application Icons Set

PNG PSD CSH icons set freebie download Codrops

Pixel-Perfect Icons

Brankic1979 350 pixel perfect icons set freebie

300 Freebie Icons

300 great icons for web design


tinycons freebie preview set download

Colored Minicons

mini icons freebie download set

Soft Media Icons #2

freebie set pixeden download icons

Clear Icon Set

freebie icons clear design interface

Go Social

free download social media icons sharing


freebie glyphs icon set download

Deep Clean Icons

Matt Gentile Icon Deposit freebie download set

Pixel UI Set

blue pixel icons design set

516 Web Icons

green blue clear icon set freebie

White UI Set

freebie user interface icons set

Glyph UI Set

dark glossy glyphs icons set

Premium Pixels

dark brown premium icon set design

Shopping Cart Icons

freebie white clean icon set carts

50 Mini Blue Icons

mini freebie download icons set

Art Professions

art professions icon set freebie download smashingmag

Mini Credit Cards

shopping credit card plastic icons


sweetieplus sweetie+ icons set freebie download website design


dark Dribbble freebie shot download mini icons

16px Retina Icons

freebie retina display icons set

Step Badge Icons

freebie psd download web interface steps

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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